Eden: King Charles is snubbing Prince Harry for stressing out QEII in her final years

The Daily Mail was full of Windsor Woe on Thursday. You see, Prince Harry looked rich, handsome and charismatic during a breezy visit to London for the WellChild Awards, and the Mail was SEETHING. The Mail and the Windsors decided to attach themselves to Harry’s visit in any way possible, which is honestly what they’ve been trying to do since his visit was announced. Suddenly, the Kensington Palace clownshow sent out Prince William to make an ass out of himself, doing his first event in two months just hours before the WellChild Awards. Rebecca English dutifully wept about how William would never, ever meet with Harry (Harry didn’t ask) and that William is so terribly incandescent with rage towards his brother. “On the anniversary of the Queen’s death, her warring grandsons are still 100 miles apart” – by design, because William would likely assault Harry once again. Meanwhile, Eden Confidential decided to portray King Charles as right to “snub” Harry during this visit.

King Charles is well within his rights to decide he ‘has no time in his diary’ to meet Prince Harry tomorrow on his brief return to Britain. That’s the view of Daily Mail Diary Editor Richard Eden, in his latest Palace Confidential newsletter.

Many had expected a family reunion at Balmoral for the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s death on Friday, September 8. But as Mail on Sunday Assistant Editor Kate Mansey revealed last week, it’s unlikely Harry will be there. Instead, the King and Queen Camilla will spend the day privately at Balmoral, where Elizabeth died, while Prince William and Catherine are expected to lead the tributes as they carry out a public engagement at St David’s Cathedral in Wales.

Some have been upset by the apparent snub and say that Charles should take the opportunity to mend fences with his younger son, who will attend a charity awards ceremony in London this evening.

‘I disagree,’ writes Eden. ‘The California-based couple showed scant regard for Harry’s grandparents when they gave an explosive, appalling interview to Oprah Winfrey when Prince Philip was being treated in hospital for his final illness. And, while the frail Queen was in worsening health, they added to her worries by announcing that Harry would be publishing a tell-all memoir and appearing in a Netflix series with more criticism of her family. Who can blame the King if he doesn’t want to see the son and daughter-in-law who caused his dying mother such heartache?’

[From The Daily Mail]

If we’re using the cudgel of “this royal added to QEII’s stresses in her final years,” why do we never talk about Prince Andrew? In her final year of life, QEII’s favorite son was being sued for rape and human trafficking, and he had to beg his mother for the money to settle with Virginia Giuffre, lest he be dragged into American court and his whole web of lies around Jeffrey Epstein fall apart. Why do we never talk about Charles’s decades-long quest for his mother’s blessing to call Camilla “queen,” and how Charles (in essence) forged his mother’s signature on a statement assuring that “Queen Camilla” exists? I mean, if we’re talking about stress on QEII, those should be added into the mix as well. Surely we should also discuss the chaotic situation around the HMS Bubble which saw an apparently cancer-ridden monarch get a heavy case of Covid just seven months before her death. Y’all want to talk about stress, let’s f–king talk about stress.

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