Donald Trump-Shaped Cloud Emerges in Orlando Shortly After Mug Shot

donald trump cloud

This might be a sign — but what’s being communicated is in the eye of the beholder … Donald Trump was floating sky-high over the great state of Florida this weekend! Eh, sorta.

Here’s the deal … a happy family was leaving Universal Studios in Orlando Saturday evening when they looked up during their drive back and saw what can only be described as the side profile of the ex-Prez — only, it appeared in Cumulus form … and the footage is unreal.

Take a look at this video — obtained by TMZ — which caught the uncanny celestial moment … indeed, you can see the massive cloud blocking the setting sun — and it looks like DT!

The coiffed hair, protruding nose, and puckered lips are unmistakably linked to Trump … and there it was, just casually cruising across the gorgeous skies — staying perfectly intact.


To make this story even crazier is what this family says they were doing right before they saw this. The hubby, Sonny Ritacca, tells TMZ that as they were exiting the park … he and his wife had just seen Trump’s mug shot for themselves — which was released Friday evening.

Right at that moment, Ritacca says his spouse looked up … and saw this heavenly being. He tells us the wife pointed it out and he agreed, it bared a passing resemblance — with an added jab, “Yeah, that cloud is 6’3 and 215 pounds.” Of course, that’s a whole thing. 😅

donald trump cloud

The couple kept on driving and didn’t get out — neither did anyone else, it seems — and they thought it was just an odd sight, which it is. Now, for the MAGA crowd … they probably see this as a divine omen from the G-O-D himself, but others might view it a little differently.

Check out the sign this family captured as they were driving … it’s a “buckle up” warning.

You could certainly interpret that as bumpy roads ahead for the former POTUS. And as the sign reads, “It’s The Law.” Hmmm … that, too, seems to be a harbinger of things to come.

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