Strictly Come Dancing bosses 'ramp up security over protester fears'

Strictly Come Dancing bosses ‘ramp up security over fears protesters could storm venue during live show’

Strictly Come Dancing producers are reportedly ramping up security measures ahead of next week’s live show amid concerns of potential disruptions by pro-Palestine and Just Stop Oil activists.

Next Saturday marks the ninth week in the dancing competition which will take place at the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom, but there are worries around the safety of the cast and crew.

A source told The Sun: ‘There have been high level meetings about safety for cast and crew at Blackpool.

‘The roads routes in and out are limited so blocking the streets for hours would cause a major issue and huge security risk.

‘Security is additionally tight away from London as they are them vulnerable to opportunists who want to make their mark and have their moment.’

Concerned: Strictly Come Dancing bosses are ramping up security measures ahead of next week’s live show amid concerns of potential protestors

Iconic: Next Saturday sees Strictly mark its ninth week where the competition will take place at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Strictly contestants returned to Blackpool last year for the first time since the 2020 Covid pandemic. 

However, in 2019 police was forced to guard the venue during filming after thieves targeted dressing rooms. 

Back in 2016 Spanish pro dancer Gorka Marquez was attacked by a gang of youths and lost two teeth on a night out after the show. 

A BBC spokesman declined to comment when contacted by MailOnline.

A source said: ‘Strictly Come Dancing has robust security protocols in place for Blackpool and take any threats extremely seriously.

‘The team work closely with relevant authorities throughout the planning and live stages of the Blackpool special, and thorough security checks upon entry.

‘The safety of cast, crew and audiences is of paramount importance.’

It comes after the Strictly pros have had quite the week already. Vito Coppola ‘confirmed’ his romance with partner Ellie Leach, calling her ‘my baby’ in a seductive Instagram post.

Worried: A source told The Sun that there have been insdepth talks about the safety for cast and crew at Blackpool

Jinxed: Strictly has faced issues with Blackpool in the past when thieves broke into the dressing room causing security to guard the doors

Reassurance: A source at the cooperation assured that Strictly has robust security protocols in place for Blackpool and take any threats extremely seriously

The Italian, 31, posed in the sultry black and white photograph while flexing his tattooed muscle, captioning the upload: ‘Just finished another day of rehearsal. Well done to my baby Ellie Leach.’

Dianne Buswell then broke her silence on what her boyfriend Joe Sugg thinks of her close friendship with Bobby Brazer, saying he is ‘supportive’.

And Karen Hauer’s estranged husband Jordan Wyn-Jones spoke out, blaming Strictly for ruining the pair’s relationship.

The pair who married last year, split after just 16 months after going through a tough time.

Jordan revealed their relationship became a series of video calls due to her demanding Strictly schedule and tour.

He said: ‘We wanted different things. There was a plan about having children but then there wasn’t a plan.

‘When we first met, we discussed it. You do say things like, ‘I want to have kids’. And she’d mentioned to me that she wanted to have kids with me. But in the interview, Karen said ‘kids aren’t the future’ – which did make me sad. I’ve always wanted to be a father.

‘I wouldn’t say it was a shock but I knew subconsciously in the back of my head… why would she want to have a child with me?

‘I’d become vacant in our relationship. I was loving and so caring for her but I was vacant because of the situation that we found ourselves in.’

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