Guy Fieri won’t leave his kids any money unless they get two postgraduate degrees

Last week, Guy Fieri signed a huge new contract with Food Network, making him their most valuable property. He now has a three-year deal with Food Network worth $100 million. That’s after he signed a three-year contract with the network in 2021 worth $80 million. Fieri still does Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, plus he’s got Guy’s Grocery Games, Guy’s Ranch Kitchen plus he dips into other specialty programming. You get the idea – Fieri is rich and well-liked. But he’s still not going to leave his sons any part of his fortune unless they do something very specific: get at least two degrees.

Guy Fieri revealed what it will take for his sons to inherit his multi-million dollar fortune.

“Shaq said it best,” the “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” star told Fox News on Wednesday. “Shaq said, ‘If you want this cheese, you got to get two degrees.’”

“Well, my two degrees mean, you know, postgraduate.”

Fieri shares Hunter, 27, and Ryder, 17, with his wife, Lori, 52. He also helped raise his sister Morgan’s 22-year-old son, Jules, following her 2011 death. He warned the three to expect him “to die” broke unless they follow his conditions.

“I told my boys, ‘None of this that we’ve been . . . that I’ve been building are you going to get unless you come and take it from me,’” the celebrity chef explained. “I’ve told them the same thing my dad told me. My dad says, ‘When I die, you can expect that I’m going to die broke, and you’re going to be paying for the funeral.’”

While his children are on track, the Food Network star’s youngest son, Ryder, isn’t too thrilled about embarking on the years-long journey.

“‘Dad, this is so unfair. I haven’t even gone to college yet, and you’re already pushing that I’ve got to get an MBA? Can I just get through college?’” Fieri, 55, recalled the high school senior recently telling him. Meanwhile, his oldest son Hunter is almost to the finish line as he completes his master’s in business at the University of Miami. As for Fieri’s nephew, Jules is in Los Angeles, Calif., working toward his law degree.

“Jules is in the music industry down in LA. He’s in the law program at Loyola Marymount right now,” the chef said. “If you’re going to be a big-time entertainment agent, you need to have that law background. So he’s doing that.”

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I actually think this is fine? It’s better than all of the rich celebrities who brag about how they’re never going to leave their kids anything under any circumstances. A parent using his fortune to force his kids to get a great education is probably the best use of money and the threat of disinheritance. Plus, once his sons and his nephew get their degrees and start their careers, they’ll feel differently about Guy’s money too.

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