‘Superwomen’ carers desperately held saferoom door shut for 4 HOURS saving OAP couple as Hamas sprayed it with bullets | The Sun

TWO carers have been hailed "superwomen" after clinging onto an elderly Israeli couple's saferoom door for four hours while Hamas gunmen blasted it with bullets.

Sabitha and Meera Mohanan from Kerala, India, became heroic lifesavers during the Palestinian militant group's brutal attack on Israel on October 7.

In a video shared on social media, Sabitha vividly described how she and Mohanan protected themselves and the elderly couple during the surprise assault by Hamas fighters.

She recalled that at 6:30am they heard sirens blaring, prompting them to quickly take shelter in the safety room.

Shortly after, they received a distressing call from the couple's daughter.

The woman informed them that the situation in their neighbourhood, a kibbutz named Nir Oz near the Gaza border, had quickly spiralled out of control.



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She urgently advised Sabitha and Meera to lock all the doors of the house.

"Within a few minutes, we heard terrorists breaking into the house. Shooting, breaking the glasses,” Sabitha, who has been working in Israel for the last three years, said.

"We called the daughter back asking what to do and she told us to hold on to the door handle of the safety room and not let go".

When the attackers struck they demanded the brave duo to open the door.

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But the pair clung desperately to the handle for at least four and a half hours, even as Hamas gunmen relentlessly fired gunshots at it.

Their actions stopped the violent militants from storming into the room and killing them and the couple, as Sabitha explained the woman she was protecting was suffering from ALS – a debilitating condition.

"The terrorists had entered our house around 7.30am. They destroyed everything in the house. We did not know what was going on in the house," she recalled.

Then over five hours later, at 1pm, the terrified group heard more shooting but were informed that the Israel Defense Forces had come to rescue them.

They cautiously left the safety room and were met with the sight of destruction.

"We do not have anything. They looted us completely, including Meera's passport," Sabitha said.

"My emergency bag containing important documents was also taken by them.

"We knew missiles would be falling and when that happens we have to get inside the safety room.

"We are to also keep our emergency bag inside the safety room, but on that day we did not have time for anything," she added.

The Israeli Embassy in India took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to praise the courageous caregivers and referred to them as "Indian Superowmen".

"[Sabitha] and Meera Mohanan saved the Israeli civilians they were taking care of by holding the door handle & preventing the Hamas Terrorists from bursting in & killing them," they wrote.

It comes after a brave Israeli woman was hailed a hero after saving her entire village from blood-thirsty Hamas terrorists.

Inbar Lieberman helped coordinate defensive measures to kill two dozen Hamas militants from invading the kibbutz of Nir Am, only one mile from the besieged Gaza Strip.

The brave woman quickly armed 12 security volunteers with weapons and placed them in strategic positions across the small kibbutz.

Inbar killed five Hamas members and others killed more than 20 during the four-hour siege.

A hero Brit was also slaughtered by Hamas as he desperately tried to evacuate injured civilians from Be'eri – one of the first places armed militants stormed and turned into a bloodbath.

Cruel gunmen were seen butchering babies in a full-scale town massacre before they killed brave Benjamin Trakeniski, 32.

The horrific war began on October 7 when Hamas launched a surprise attack on a music festival in southern Israel.

The terrorists stormed across Israel's border with Gaza under the cover of rockets and unleashed pure hell in what has been dubbed Israel's 9/11.

They slaughtered 1,300 Israelis in their homes, in the street, and at the Supernova festival before dragging hostages back into Gaza.

Israel says that at least 199 people were taken.

Horrified rescuers found 260 bodies after Hamas terrorists cut the power and opened fire.

The initial attack, the deadliest assault in the country's 75-year history, followed two years of subterfuge by Hamas that involved keeping its military plans under wraps.

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Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now vowed to "exterminate the bloody monsters" who unleashed hell on his country.

"Hamas thought we would break up – we will break up Hamas," he raged.

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