Shameful Harry and Meghan are to blame for this new royal racists row

Yes, Omid Scobie is the author of that poisonous book but it’s shameful Harry and Meghan who are REALLY to blame for the nasty ‘royal racists’ speculation, says RICHARD EDEN

  • The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been trying to mend fences
  • But the latest row has made the situation even worse, says Richard Eden 
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Omid Scobie’s new book on the royals might be inaccurate and poisonous, but the true blame for the lurid speculation about ‘racism’ lies with Harry and Meghan.

That’s the view of Richard Eden, writing in the latest edition of his Palace Confidential newsletter.

‘There should be no doubt over who is really to blame for the explosive new controversy over the identity of the “royal racists”, he says.

‘It was the Duke and Duchess of Sussex who set the hare running in their shameful interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021.’

Omid Scobie has been criticised for the poisonous contents of his new book. But the true blame lies elsewhere, writes Richard Eden

Scobie arrives at ITV Studios ahead of today’s broadcast promoting his new book

Harry and Meghan on tour in Australia in their pre ‘Megxit’ days

Once Meghan had set the ‘royal racists’ hare running in her Oprah interview, the result was inevitable, writes Eden

Eden believes the result was never in doubt once Meghan had decided to claim – in front of an audience of millions – that ‘concerns’ had been raised by members of the Royal Family about the likely colour of her unborn child’s skin.

‘This was then narrowed down by their friend Gayle King, who made clear they were not referring to Queen Elizabeth or Prince Philip.

‘Quite rightly, Omid Scobie has been receiving much criticism for his badly written, inaccurate and poisonous new book about the Royal Family, Endgame, which was published on Tuesday,’ he writes.

‘Having done my duty and read some of the turgid tome, I am planning to ask my local bookshop to move it from the Biography section to the Fiction one.’

But, he continues, ‘the identification of the two royals, which happened in the initial Dutch editions of Scobie’s book, was the inevitable result of Harry and Meghan’s appalling lack of judgment two years ago.

The so-called royal racists appeared to have been named in a Dutch translation of the book now withdrawn from sale

Richard Eden says the Sussexes have only themselves to blame for an outbreak of unfair speculation that they might well have preferred to avoid

‘I suspect that they are probably now almost as annoyed with Scobie as the rest of the Royal Family.

‘Over recent weeks, the Sussexes had been desperately trying to mend fences with King Charles, phoning him on his birthday and friends dropping hints about how they would like to be invited to Sandringham for Christmas.

‘From what I hear, any invitation that might have been forthcoming will now be withdrawn.’

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