Jeffrey Dahmer admits he kept victim’s head and genitals in gran’s basement

A never-before-heard prison phone call with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer details how he kept the mummified head and private parts of one a victim in his grandmother's basement.

Dahmer, who killed 17 men between 1978 and 1991, was found to have a total of four severed heads in his kitchen following his arrest, and seven skulls, some of which were painted, as well as two entire skeletons and also ate several of his victims. And it has now emerged that he bragged to his father about keeping some remains in a box in his grandmother's house.

According to the Daily Mail, a new phone recording has been uncovered from after Dahmer was sentenced. In the call, which is set to be made public today as part of a new Fox Nation documentary called My Son Jeffrey: The Dahmer Family Tapes, he is heard arguing with his father Lionel, 87, over the new revelation.

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He said: “One thing I wanted to share with you. Remember when you visited Grandma? Remember that small, one-by-one square-foot box? It was wooden, but it had a metal covering, and you were very insistent that I opened that up because you thought I had pornography magazines.

“I was arguing with you because I didn't want to open it up. We almost came to blows, so I went out the door and I came in again two minutes later. I apologised and everything and you were on your way down to the basement to break the locks to open the case.

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“You know what was in it, don't you? The mummified head and genitals of the last victim at the West Allis location”.

It is not clear exactly which of his many victims he is referring to, however.

Dahmer lived with his grandmother after being discharged from the army for excessive drinking. The father's reaction has not yet been made public, but he did admit that his son told him of “weird thoughts” when he was younger.

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