Russian unit was washed away after destroying Ukraine’s dam

A Russian trooper revealed the brutal damage from Moscow’s strike on a Ukrainian dam, saying his own force was washed away and left “in underpants” hanging from trees.

In June, the Kakhovka Dam was breached, leading to a massive flood along the Dnipro River in Kherson. At least 53 Ukrainians died and caused an environmental disaster – destroying animal habitats and the homes of thousands.

While the perpetrators behind the blast and dam breach have not been confirmed, it is widely believed Moscow did it, as they occupied Kakhovka at the time.

And now, an intercepted phone call from a Russian soldier points to new detais.

In the call, released by Ukraine’s Military Intelligence (HUR) and reported by the Kyiv Post, the man says: “We got caught in the f****** wave when we blew the f***ing dam.

“Those of us who managed to swim out swam out, and then the f****** in their underpants were removed from the trees.”

The Russian soldier then implies military authorities tried to hide the true scale of their losses, adding: “And they said that only seven people were missing, stinking *****.”

The soldier also said in the call that his unit was being sent to the Zaporizhzhia region, and added that he expects the fighting to carry on for “two years at least” because Ukraine is “biting back really hard”.

Denise Brown, UN Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine, said earlier this month that Nikopol has “almost no water left” after the dam’s destruction.

She said: “What is absolutely shocking is that there is almost no water left in the river.

“The UN and local authorities supply Nikopol residents with drinking water. There are 20 sites around the city and huge containers that are refilled three times a day.”

Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine of destroying the dam at the time, calling it a “barbaric” war crime done at the behest of the West, which Kyiv denies.

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It comes as Greenpeace sounded the alarm over Ukraine’s russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, saying the International Atomic Energy Agency isn’t able to safely inspect it.

Shaun Burnie and Jan Vande Putte, the group’s nuclear specialists, said that Russia’s military is also likely “to be using the proximity of the nuclear power plant as a shield”.

They added that “the IAEA risks normalising what remains a dangerous nuclear crisis, unprecedented in the history of nuclear power, while exaggerating its actual influence on events on the ground”.

In the past day alone, Russian troops have shelled Zaporizhzhia the region 148 times, injuring a 23-year-old man.

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