Creature branded ‘mutant satan’ as goat gives birth to half pig, half human

A farmer's goat gave birth to a "half-pig half-human" creature, which his family now fear could bring bad luck as it is "cursed."

Josephine Repique said the pregnant goat went into labour earlier at the small farm in Sultan Kudarat, the Philippines, giving birth to what some believe could be a "mutant devil."

The two babies had to be removed by cesarean section but onlookers quickly realised something wasn’t right and one of them "looked like a pig, with a mix of human".

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There were shrieks of horror when one of the strange-looking animals emerged from the goat back in November 2018.

Josephine said the baby "looked like a pig, with a mix of human". The small fur-less animal even had a naval – just like a tiny human. She said: "We were shocked. We can't explain how it looks like that. All our neighbours flocked into our house to get a good look."

Sadly, the two infants and the mother goat all died, sparking fears that the creature was a cursed "mutant devil" that brought bad luck.

Josephine added: "Nobody knows what it is, but it's not a goat. It's scary. We're all wondering why it happened and if it is bad luck."

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Dr Agapita Salces of the Institute of Animal Science of the University of the Philippines said the foetus appeared to have suffered a genetic mutation in the womb.

He added: "It is a possible case of genetic mutation. It is also possible that the mother contracted a disease called Rift Valley fever from mosquito bites and this caused the impaired development of the infant."

Also in 2018, pictures of a 'pig-human hybrid baby' went viral, shocking the world. They, however, turned out to be the creation of an Italian visual artist.

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