Celebrities who didn’t go to college: who and why

Is education a yardstick to measure success? Join me as I show you 10 celebrities who were university drop outs or did not go to college.

Celebrities Who Didn’t Go to College: Who and Why

Many believe that schooling is synonymous with success in life. However, several celebrities have disapproved this wrong belief because their life is living proof of success without education. Below is a list of top 10 celebrities who never went to school or dropped out of school to pursue their passion:

1.  Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer did not even complete her middle school education because she dropped out of school to pursue her dream at a very tender age of 14. She had no reason to check out power writings review for the best online writing services for any essay because she never wrote one.

2.  Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling had been a star, right from his early days of “mickey mouse” club. He dropped out of high school to join in the shooting of the movie Young Hercules in New Zealand. Early in his life, Ryan had so many issues with his education that his mother had to school him at home when he was in his fifth grade.

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3.  Jay Z

The awesome Shawn Corey Carter, professionally called Jay Z is an advocate of quality education today, even though he has never had a degree.

4.  Whoopi Goldberg

Madam Whoopi Goldberg, at an early age, was fine and living happily like every other child, until she was diagnosed later of a learning disability called dyslexia. As a result of this disability, Whoopi had to drop out of high school at the age of 17.

5.  Daniel Radcliffe

The Harry Potter superstar Daniel Radcliffe had been on set when he was 11 to be a cast member in the  Harry Potter series. Daniel had to stop school for some time and hasn’t returned to school ever since. Though Daniel claims he isn’t bright academically after all. Nevertheless, being smart in school is not just about knowing what to write but knowing the best way to deliver quality writing at a very low cost, with the help of professional writers. A 99 papers review will convince you anyways.

6.  Robert Downey Jnr.

Divorce in marriage does break not only the home but also the children. Well, this was almost the case of Robert. His parents were divorced, and he had to drop out of school due to divorce. Fortunately for the poor boy, what was supposed to break him, made him a star.

7.  Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks was a student at the California State University but stopped his schooling for a new career when he started an internship at the Great Lakes Theater Festival.

8.      Michael J. Fox

The Michael J. Fox show is one of the most popular sitcom television series on the National Broadcasting Corporation of the United States. But, he might not have gotten such a huge break or likely become a celebrity if he had not dropped out of high school, in pursuit of an acting career in Hollywood.

9.      Marshall Bruce Mathers III; Eminem

Eminem is said to be one of the most celebrated pop stars of the 21st century. Actually, he attended Lincoln High school in Michigan USA but had to drop out because he failed the freshman examination three consecutive times.

10.  Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Coppola (real name), has been popularly known for his action movies. The famous actor quit school when he joined a summer acting class at 15.