Sobbing Lydia opens up to shocked Kim about her rape ordeal in Emmerdale

It’s been utterly heartbreaking to watch Emmerdale’s Lydia shoulder the entire burden of her rape ordeal alone, played expertly by phenomenal actress Karen Blick. But finally, we’ll see her start edging towards accepting support.

It’s been harrowing to see Lydia manipulated by rapist Craig (Ben Addis) while unable to look her loving husband Sam (James Hooton) in the eye and while having to watch her stepson Samson (Sam Hall) grow closer to her attacker. All of this going on while she’s been having to take quiet moments to cry alone with no one to help.

But thankfully there may be one person able to come to her rescue, Kim Tate (Claire King).

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Craig has been ramping up the manipulation of vulnerable Lydia; twisting things, playing on her fear of losing Sam, and stalking her at every chance he gets. Pushed to her limit she bravely branded him a rapist, but it only served to fuel his campaign against her to protect himself, even showing up at Home Farm in a bid to torment her further.

He’s still not done, and he’s clearly rattled by Lydia labelling him a rapist. He spies an opportunity to undermine her further when he has the chance to tell Samson his ‘version’ of events. Samson falls for this hook, line, and sinker, with the teen coming to believe there is something going on between Craig and his step mum.

Samson is easy prey for Craig and Craig knows it, falling straight in the trap and setting off a devastating chain reaction.

Enraged Samson gossips with Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) over the phone, but his conversation is so loud that Mandy overhears. Mandy confronts him for more information which also further convinces her Lydia is having an affair. It’s heartbreaking how easily Mandy and Samson have turned their backs on one of their own.

Mandy heads straight to Lydia and lays bare her findings, which leaves Lydia more alone than ever and feeling completely betrayed. She tries to explain to Mandy that it’s not the case, but Mandy is not buying it. Horrified, Lydia flees.

Now while this all sounds devastating, this could be the turning point. Kim finds her sobbing and Lydia finally breaks down to admit the truth. Kim is shocked but comforts her, and gently tells her she must tell Sam. Lydia finally has an ally as Kim knew all along how shifty Craig had been.

Will Kim finally be able to get her the help she needs? Or even better, will she go all Kim Tate on smug-faced Craig?

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