Bedbugs feast on family ‘all week’ in UK caravan ‘holiday from hell’

A family's dream holiday turned into a nightmare after they were bitten by bedbugs at a British resort.

Lea Tyler, 38, and her family had booked a seven-day stay at Parkdean Naze Marine Resort in Walton, Essex, but their trip was ruined when they discovered bed bugs in their caravan. The discovery is the latest in a long line of claims that bedbugs, allegedly from France, have infiltrated the UK and are taking over hotels and holiday resorts across the country.

Lea said: "We have been bitten all week, we thought it was gnats as we've been outside. I couldn't sleep on Saturday, I went into the bedroom, my baby was asleep and there were bed bugs. I screamed, it was 2.30am in the morning and I had to bring the children out of the rooms."

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The family decided not to move to another caravan for their final night as they would have had to leave their belongings to be cleaned. Parkdean says the family was offered other forms of compensation.

Lea added: "I've had to do a hot wash to clean all the kids clothing in case there are eggs. It was an upsetting and bad experience; it has triggered bad mental health for me. My partner has been bitten very badly across his body."

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The holiday park has since apologised to Lea for the issues she suffered during the stay, but maintained that they have "strict cleaning" protocols across the entire site. A spokesperson for Naze Marine Holiday Park said: "We're sorry for Lea's experience on this occasion. We have strict cleaning protocols in place and once notified, we immediately offered the customer new accommodation, support and arranged for our specialist contractors to treat the issue."

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