The Pope Surprises Sylvester Stallone With A Punch In Vatican Meeting

Sylvester Stallone visited The Vatican on Friday September 8, where he discovered, to his surprise, that Pope Francis is a huge fan of his films.

The veteran actor was introduced, along with his wife, daughters and brother, to the Pontiff in a meeting shared on social media by Vatican News.

The video shows a smiling Pope telling Stallone that he was he was a longtime fan.

Stallone began the meeting, saying: “Well, thank you very much for taking time from your busy dayWe appreciate this very much.”

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The Pope replied, “I am honored. “We grew up with your films.”

Stallone was clearly taken aback, but answered, “Well I’m honored, too,” before raising his fists and air-pumping, saying: “Ready? We box.”

The Pope added to the joke with a fake jab, clearly catching everyone by surprise. The group later assembled for a photo, also shared on Vatican News.

Stallone has had a 55-year career, since his breakthrough role in the Oscar-winning Rocky, a film he wrote the screenplay for as well as playing the title role. Sly, A new Netflix documentary -looking at his early challenges as a troubled child in New York before breaking into the film industry, followed by huge successes with Rocky, Rambo and other characters – will premiere on the closing night of the Toronto Film Festival. It is directed by Thom Zinny, and is billed as “an intimate and unexpected look” at the veteran actor’s life and career. The documentary is due for release in November.

Watch Stallone trading fists with The Pope in the video below:

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