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GETTING married should be the happiest day of a person’s life – but for some Married At First Sight contestants it can be the start of a nightmare.

Some stars who fail to connect with their match become prone to a wandering eye – and have shocked fans by cheating on their spouse.

As the first week of the new MAFS UK series draws to a close, we take a look at the most shocking cheating scandals that have rocked the show over the years.

Whitney Hughes and Matt Murray

Last year saw Whitney Hughes do the dirty on husband Duka Cavolli when she bedded Matt Murray – who was married to Gemma Rose.

Sparks flew between Whitney and Matt when they met at a couples’ retreat, and they ended up spending the night together – despite their respective partners being under the same roof.

When the betrayal was exposed it didn't go down well, with heartbroken Gemma busting into tears and hurling abuse at them over the dinner table.


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The experts agreed to let Matt and Whitney continue in the experiment as a couple – against the wishes of their fellow castmates.

And things progressed quickly, with the pair declaring their love for each other.

However, by the time the reunion came along it was all over – and Matt went on to have a short-lived romance with fellow MAFS star Marilyse Corrigan.

Meanwhile Whitney said she regrets her relationship with Matt.

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Matt Murray and Whitney Hughes cheated on their spouses during a couples' retreatCredit: Channel 4
Matt's wife Gemma Rose was furiousCredit: Channel 4

She told OK: "I don't regret how I carried myself but I do really regret being with Matthew.

"I think I would have been better off going home – but I ran with my feelings, so it is what it is!"

Jordon Mundell and Megan Wolfe

In the 2021 series of MAFS UK, Bob Voysey and Megan Wolfe were matched by the experts Paul C Brunson, Mel Schilling and Charlene Douglas.

But sadly there was no chemistry between the two from the start, with Megan friend-zoning Bob.

Fellow couple Jordon Mundell and Alexis Economou weren't a match made in heaven either, and constantly argued.

It didn’t help that, after meeting Megan at the first dinner party, Jordon admitted she was more his type.

At the first commitment ceremony, Jordon dropped the bombshell that he and Megan had secretly shared a kiss behind Bob and Alexis’ back – and poor Bob was left sobbing.

While Jordon and Alexis opted to leave, Bob and Megan remained and tried to get their relationship back on track – though ultimately they parted as friends.

April Banbury and George Roberts

When April Banbury and George Roberts got married last year, it seemed like the experts had got it right.

But there was trouble early doors when April snogged a stranger on their honeymoon in Jamaica.

Speaking to camera, solemn George revealed he had woken up that morning "numb and cold".

He said: "Yesterday we ended up having a lovely evening. Then I went away for a short while, I came back and realised there had been an incident.

"I don't know if I feel comfortable doing this. It was heartbreaking and a massive kick in the teeth. She's been intimate with somebody else. I've been cheated on.”

It later emerged that April had kissed another woman in the hot tub as part of a dare, and she felt George had massively overreacted.

The pair managed to put it behind them and stayed together until the end, but split after the show.

Coco Stedman and Cameron Dunne

MAFS Australia has had more than its fair share of cheating sagas, too.

In Season 8, Samantha Harvey and Cameron Dunne had started off well, but it all went pear-shaped on their honeymoon after the Honesty Box challenge, where she claimed she felt they had an emotional connection after sleeping together, but Cam didn't.

Cam then grew close to Coco Stedman, who was married to Sam Carraro.

Their sexual chemistry peaked with a kiss, but the affair was exposed during an explosive dinner party, which saw Sam get into a huge fight with Cam.

Both couples ended up leaving the show at the same Commitment Ceremony.

It wasn't until the reunion that Coco and Cameron admitted they had met up and slept together after the show.

Jessika Power and Dan Webb

Jessika Power was one of MAFS’ most controversial brides ever – and her behaviour even bagged her a spot on Celebs Go Dating after.

She married Mick Gould in the 2018 series, but as their relationship hit the rocks, she chose to stay in the experiment and pursue a relationship with one of the other grooms, Dan Webb – who was married to Tamara Joy.

While their relationship looked like it was going surprisingly well, it hit the rocks when the experts showed Dan a scene where Jessika flirted with another of the grooms, Nic Jovanovic.

It threw up all sorts of trust issues, but they made it to the final vows.

However they didn't last long outside of the experiment, but broke up a few months later during a live TV interview on Talking Married.

Ines Basic and Sam Ball

Ines Basic and Bronson Norrish clashed from the start when they got married on Season 6 of MAFS Australia.

Meanwhile Sam Ball wasn't feeling his bride Elizabeth Sobinoff either.

Sam and Ines found a spark when they met at the first dinner party and, later they secretly met up in a Gold Coast hotel room and were shown waking up together the next morning.

During Girls’ Night, Lizzie confronted Ines in dramatic scenes, and the truth finally came out at the following Commitment Ceremony.

But while Ines said she saw a future with Sam, he didn’t – so no one left with love.

Sam later claimed the alleged 'affair' was completely fake, claiming it was staged by producers.

He said: "They pulled me into a dark room and asked me to do the Ines scenes – they set that up. They made Ines DM me on the phone, that was all staged.

"I did what I was asked to do with all of that. I didn't really care what it looked like. I was in the zone.

"I've acted before in TV commercials and it was a job for me… I didn't sleep with Ines that night, that didn't happen. I didn't sleep with anyone on the show… mark my words."

Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes

After Jessica Seracino ended her marriage with Daniel Holmes in last year’s series of MAFS Australia, everyone thought that would be the last they saw of them.

But Daniel then shocked everyone – including the experts – when he strolled into the next Commitment Ceremony with one of the other brides, Carolina Santos.

As far as everyone knew, Carolina was married to Dion Giannarelli – although their relationship was struggling, and it led to a mass walk-out from the group.

The experts also agreed there was "absolutely no way" they would allow them to continue in the experiment as a new couple.

Despite this, Carolina and Daniel stayed together in the real world – but split 10 months later.

Claire Nomarhas and Adam Seed

In the most recent series of MAFS Australia, it was a night out that led to Adam Seed and Claire Nomarhas kissing each other behind their respective partners’ backs.


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With it all coming out in public, Adam and his wife Janelle Han left the experiment soon after.

Claire and her husband Jesse Burford continued on the show and tried to make things work – but they too eventually went their separate ways.

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