Rob Borrow’s children pay tribute to ‘great mum’ as wife details MND battle

Rob Burrow’s daughter says mum is ‘great’ during Rob’s MND battle

Rob Burrow and Ed Slater’s children paid tribute to their “great” mums as they talked about their fathers’ diagnoses with motor neurone disease (MND).

BBC Breakfast explored how MND has impacted on the lives of the rugby stars’ wives, Lindsey Burrow and Jo Slater as well as their children.

Both men have three young children and during the short film, the youngsters applauded their mothers.

Macy Burrow announced: “There are not enough words I could use to describe my mum, how special she is.

“She’s the best mum in the entire world.”

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Her sister Maya added: “She’s a great mum because she’s got a few of us to look after and she keeps going, fighting every day.

“She’s helped my dad – she puts him to bed, feeds him and I just couldn’t wish for a better mum.”

Meanwhile, Ed’s daughter Flo stated: “Mum’s just doing everything she can and she’s doing really well that dad has MND.”

Ed’s second daughter Edie commented: “Now we’ve got an extra room that’s downstairs when he can’t move anymore, we can just go down to his room when mum allows us to at bedtime instead of him coming up.”

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Speaking to Jo who is going through the same ordeal, Lindsey said: “I have been kind of taken aback just by how the rugby community has come together to support us as a family, it’s been overwhelming I think.

“I never expected the support that we’ve had.”

“Yeah, it’s been amazing, it’s so reassuring, I think,” Jo agreed.

“Especially on those times where he’s having a harder day…

“There’s progressions and things like that. It’s that reassurance that there are people that are so supportive, and I just love that.”

Lindsey added: “Life is for living and I think we have to keep that hope and positivity and keep fighting.”

BBC Breakfast continues on Tuesday at 6am on BBC One.

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