Angry wife slammed for leaving waitress rude ‘tip’ on restaurant bill

We often have disagreements about tipping at restaurants.

Should we leave a tip? How much should we tip? Who should we give it to?

But one particular incident has caused outrage after a waitress was left a note by an angry diner.

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A snap of the note was shared to photo-based forum site, Imgur, and it revealed the customer's bill came to $US32.76 (£25.95).

Alongside was a note that said "don’t call my husband sweetheart" – and no extra money was left for the waitress at the restaurant.

Someone shared the picture, together with the caption: "Well, it may be a tip but she’s just trying to make a living."

Since it was posted many people have been left furious, and social media users were quick to defend the waitress.

One person wrote: "What an insecure b*tch. On a side note, tipping should be abolished.

"Pay your staff a living wage. Servers shouldn’t be held hostage by a***holes like this woman."

Another added: "In the southern US, everyone is called honey, sweety, sweetheart and my personal favourite, ‘sugar’."

Meanwhile, a third replied: "You know how many times I’ve been called hon or sweetie, or sweetheart by a waitress?

"Well, not a lot. But, when it happens it’s always because it’s so into their vocabulary that they say that to everyone.

"It’s just how they end certain sentences. I didn’t think much of it."

It comes not long after another waitress failed to be tipped and was also left a "rude" note.

The American posted about the matter on Reddit where she shared a picture of the bill and the note that accompanied it.

Towards the bottom, the customer had noted: "No tip because it was very rude to ask my wife and I if we wanted separate checks???"

The waitress seemed shocked by the man, who was reported to be in his late 50s, as he had the "audacity" to scribble the complaint with her pen.

She told people the restaurant has a policy to ask if diners want the bill to be split.

It was introduced after an "awkward" moment took place when a staff member was serving two parents dining with their kids.

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