Married At First Sight's Paul ‘gives away clue’ he’s still with wife Tasha after her explosive row with Erika on screen | The Sun

MARRIED At First Sight UK fans think Paul has given away the fact he's still with TV wife Tasha.

The besotted groom was among the first to say he was falling in love with his bride on the E4 dating experiment.

And he has now taken to Instagram to defend her after she was slammed for exploding at Erika during a debate about who was the most compatible couple.

Paul shared two group photos from the pre-recorded show yesterday and said: "Cocktails vs Spa Day…

"What or who brought the most drama?"

But his post sparked a flurry of messages from people calling Tasha out for "attacking" Erika.


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When one fan said: "Already knew Tasha was going to get worse after what happened with Peggy and Georges.

"The faces she pulls and things she says. It’s just horrible. She’s a bully!"

Another said: "Tasha was the only one who got aggressive, jumping out of her chair and being very threatening. She needs to control her anger."

Paul stood up for Tasha in the comments and spoke in the present tense, calling Tasha "my wife".

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He said: "Guys I know it’s easy to make a judgment based on the few exited clips that you’ve seen.

"But remember this is a person we are all making comments about and no one is perfect. I know I’m definitely not perfect and made a fair few mistakes myself.

"You guys will see what I see which is that Tasha is a genuine and lovely person who I am proud to call my wife."

Erica and Tasha got in a row after the former said she noticed “sniggering, eye rolling, and looks” coming at her from Tasha/

Erica then said to Tasha: “You’re probably the person I’ve bonded with the least".

Tasha replied: "I’ve started to get a bad energy off of you.

"Today for starters, you’re having big big opinions. I was like, ‘did she just say that cause I’m sure she’s been here for five minutes’."

Married At First Sight UK continues Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

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