ITV Emmerdale Moira and Mack paternity twist ‘sealed’ as she drops bombshell

The village of Emmerdale is set to be rocked by a shock confession in upcoming scenes – and eagle eyed viewers already think they know what’s going on.

That confession centres around Moira Barton, with producer Laura Shaw telling press: “Moira is going to make a big confession to one of the villagers. It’s a secret from her past that she’s going to reveal. She does it in a way to try to help the person that she’s talking to, but how is that person going to react when they find out Moira’s deepest, darkest secret?”

She added the dire warning: “If they blow it, it could threaten Moira’s whole life.” Fan speculation has already erupted online, with some spotting a major clue Moira’s secret has something to do with baby Reuben and Mackenzie Boyd.

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Viewers reckon Moira isn’t Mack’s sister, but his mum after secretly welcoming him when she was still a teenager. In a huge paternity twist, that would make Reuben her grandson – and with Chloe Harris threatening to take him away to France, it could mean Moira loses another relative.

One X user penned: “The way Moira keeps going on to Chloe, that she will always be a part of their lives, gives me the feeling Reuben is actually her grandson.” While another echoed: “Thought for ages Mack is her son.”

Over on Reddit, others had their magnifying glasses out as one fan wrote: “The storyline about Moira having a secret from her past. Could it be that Mack’s her son? The only way that could happen is if Mack has stolen her brothers identity. If his real age is around 32 then it's possible that she was 18 when she had him that's why she left home.”

Someone else penned: “Urgh… the idea has been passed around for YEARS and it would be seriously lousy if so. They barely have any scenes together, it would concrete Miserable Mack being around for longer and Moira… how many more illegitimate children, children by different men and just CHILDREN in general are they going to throw at the poor cow!”

When another social media user argued: “Moira never behaved like a mother towards him and more like a sister?”, someone else responded: “But she wouldn't know any difference til it all comes out. That's if he's only pretending to be her brother. I was kind looking at him stealing the real Mack’s identity.”

Others aren’t too chuffed about the new theory, as one begged: “Please don’t be Mack’s mother, that’s so EastEnders. I enjoy their dynamic as siblings.” As another wondered: “Let me guess she’s got a secret evil child who wants to get revenge?”

Mackenzie originally arrived in the ITV soap in 2020, as Moira’s brother. It was established she quit the family home when Mackenzie was six, after taking the blame for their mum having an affair.

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It’s also possible that Moira’s ‘biggest secret’ could be her killing Emma Barton by pushing her off a bridge – something she’s managed to keep on the down-low. With her spilling the secret to ‘help a friend’, it could be Sam Dingle looking for solace after beating up Craig.

Viewers will have to wait with bated breath to see how things turn out.

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