Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ exit for beloved character in horrific pregnancy twist

Emmerdale fans believe they have worked out an exit could be on the cards for a much beloved character.

Fans of the iconic ITV soap were left horrified after Lydia Dingle, played by Karen Blick, was raped by her ex-boyfriend Craig Reed, portrayed by Ben Addis.

After the assault which aired last week, Lydia was left feeling ashamed and was unsure who to talk to.

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Lydia nearly spilled the beans to Kim Tate, played by Claire King, after the owner of Home Farm spotted something was up.

Asking Lydia why was she looking so down, Claire tried to pry the information from the Dingle.

But Lydia, who is married to lovable hubby Sam, kept tight-lipped, saying it was "just stuff".

She continued: "First, it was Dan and Amelia and our Samson.

"Then it was seeing Craig again, I told him that i didn't want him to get the wrong idea after we…"

After that, Lydia bit her tongue, but tried to calm Kim down and tell her not to worry.

"That there was nothing between us and there never would be," Lydia admitted.

Tate continued to pry, telling Lydia: "You're too nice for your own good sometimes. Men like Craig shouldn't take advantage, you should stand up for yourself more, he can't be getting away with it."

But after the incident, Sam continues to be left in the lurch as Lydia struggles to come to terms with what has happened to her.

And fans believe that there could be more trouble in store for Lydia as she could end up carrying Craig's child.

Several fans took to Twitter to share their theories, with one user sharing her sympathies for Lydia.

"My heart breaks for Lydia. I have a feeling she will end up pregnant in a cruel twist," they wrote.

A second viewer agreed with the potential storyline, commenting: "You go, Lydia, drag it a bit more, let the whole Dingle Clan start to love Craig and make him feel welcome. But what could make this more twisted is if you fall pregnant".

Whilst a third fan asked others whether Lydia will end up knocked up after her brutal sexual assault.

With the potential for a baby on the cards, could we see an early exit for either lovely Lydia or cunning Craig?

Lydia's actress Karen Blick recently confessed that she kept healing crystals in her bra whilst filming the horrific scenes.

She also was unsure whether she was okay with her character being put through the ordeal, but was happy to offer a platform to highlight sexual violence.

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