Emmerdale exit ‘sealed’ as fans beg for axe after being ‘bored senseless’

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    Emmerdale fans have called for Gabby Thomas to be written out of the soap.

    Gabby, played by Rosie Bentham, has been struggling in recent months after discovering ex-fiance Nicky (Lewis Cope) was gay on their wedding day.

    Nicky has since moved on with Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) and Gabby has made it no secret of her hatred towards the couple.

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    During Friday's episode (September 1), Gabby made it clear she doesn't approve of Suni as the new chef at The Hop and turned to Ethan for help with a new scheme.

    Sitting down with him in The Woolpack, a drunk Gabby began suggesting that Ethan (Emile John) should make a move of Suni due to the newcomer being "his type".

    After being shut down by Ethan, Gabby turned her attention to Billy (Jay Kontzle).

    Fans will remember Gabby made a move on Billy last month as she drowned her sorrows after spotting Nicky and Suni kissing.

    Saving her from humiliating herself, Billy took her away from the situation and gave her a shoulder to cry on.

    Billy immediately pulled away as Gabby leant in for the kiss, before agreeing not to tell Dawn because he didn't want to cause Gabby more stress.

    But tonight, an intoxicated Gabby threatened to reveal all about their near-kiss if Billy didn't do her a favour.

    She said: "Well maybe you can help be deliver a message. You know, the type that Nicky won't forget."

    As Billy suggested taking Gabby home, she taunted him by saying: "You should never keep secrets from your wife," before threatening to spill everything to Dawn.

    This was the last straw for viewers, who headed straight to social media to demand Gabby be axed from the soap.

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    One person wrote: "Is anyone else bored senseless of Gabby’s vendetta against Nicky".

    "Gabby is a fu****g p***k, we need her gone ASAP. Awful character, not even great acting," added a second.

    Another agreed: "Gabby needs bringing down a peg or bloody two".

    A fourth echoed: "Gabby really is a dirty nasty twisted wee b***h that really needs to be taught a lesson."

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