Amazon shoppers obsessed with ‘incredible’ vacuum that’s ‘better than Dyson’ and £730 less

Running a busy home and juggling the demands of life and work can seem like a never ending chore, with our valuable time often getting eaten alive by a long list of household duties that never seem to end.

But one incredible product that could easily cut some of that time in half, is a game-changing vacuum cleaner, that shoppers have declared could even rival Dyson – and at a fraction of the cost.

The Greenote Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 23000PA Stick Vacuum Cleaner 6 in 1, may not look like much on the surface, but the powerful piece of kit comes with a whopping 230000pa of suction – more than enough to help banish dust and pet hair from a variety of surfaces around the home.

Weighing in at around the same as a 1.5l bottle of Coke, 1.5kg, the lightweight stick design is a breeze to whip around any home, large or small and can be conveniently emptied at the push of a button rather than having to mess around with fiddly and expensive vacuum bags.

In addition, a four hour charge gives you 35 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time, with the actual running volume, ranking at less than 65db, meaning it won’t disturb your pets or family members if you need to conduct a last minute tidy up before an unexpected guest!

And if that wasn’t enough, the Greenote also comes fitted with a HEPA filter, to ensure a truly thorough clean, with the filters capable of trapping extremely small, micron-sized particles!

One fan even dubbed the Greenote “Better than my Dyson!” after having tried both brands in the past.

Priced at just £119.99 in Amazon Prime’s Big Deal Day sale, the bargain piece of kit is an absolute steal when compared to it’s pricier rival the Dyson Gen 5detect, on sale here for £849.99 – a saving of £730!

Coming in at a slightly heavier weight of 3.5kg, the Dyson packs a heftier technological punch, with multiple new advancements included in the product, including a suction power of 280AW, alongside advanced HEPA filtration, with dust detection and scientific proof on screen to show how effective your cleaning really is.

One advantage that the Dyson does have, is a much longer run-time, with a 4.5hour charge equating to 70minutes of uninterrupted cleaning time when operated on full power.

Another popular option, that buyers may want to explore, is the Vax Blade 4 Pet and Car Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, on sale here for £199.

Specialising in the removal of stubborn pet hair, the Vax weighs in at around 3.1kg, and boasts an impressive 45 minute run time after just 3 hours charging!

Kitted out with a 0.6L capacity, the small but powerful vacuum cleaner is ideal for hoovering out any hard to reach places, especially cars, thanks to it’s detachable telescopic handle, which can be swapped for a more compact handheld functionality.

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