Shoppers are left fuming as price of popular snack almost doubles

Shoppers are left fuming as price of a popular snack almost doubles compared to last year

  • The price of the tasty snack has risen by 93 per cent in certain supermarkets 
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Shoppers have been left fuming after discovering the price of a popular snack has doubled in the space of a year. 

Unfortunately for foodies, according to The Sun, the price tag of a Pot Noodle has skyrocketed by 93 per cent in certain UK supermarkets. 

This means the cost of the well-known snack has increased more than five times the food inflation rate.

The snack is a staple in the cupboards of many university students and families across the country.

Sainsbury’s stock six different flavours of the item, including the fan favourite – chicken and mushroom.

It is unfortunate news for pot noodle fans as the price of the tasty snack has increased by 93 per cent in Sainsbury’s. The price of the dehydrated snack has also risen by 50 per cent and 60 per cent in Tesco and ASDA respectively (stock image)

However, the noodle pot will set you back an eye-watering £1.35 when purchased from the supermarket chain.

This is despite the dehydrated instant snack previously being priced at only 70p last August in a promotion deal.

Before this the base price of the product stood at £1.

But the wave of bad news for Pot Noodle fanatics does not end there, as the cost of the instant treat has been hiked across shelves up and down the country.

On average, the cost of any flavour of the snack in any store has risen by 34 per cent, according to supermarket comparison website Trolley. 

Tesco pot noodle prices has seen an up-tick of half across its 11 flavours, while ASDA has increased the cost of seven flavours by 60 per cent.

In the meantime food inflation prices have dropped to their lowest in a year, falling from 12.7 per cent on September 3, 2023 to 12.2 per cent this September.

This is the sixth consecutive fall in food inflation rates after they peaked at 17.5 per cent in March. 

Pot Noodle fans have been left outraged in recent months regarding continuous hikes in prices over recent months

In recent months, fans of the dehydrated snack have been made it clear they are less than happy about the increase in cost of their favourite snack.

One shopper commented: ‘£1.35 for a Pot Noodle in Sainbury’s. ONE POUND THIRTY FIVE!!!’

Another added: ‘I’ve stopped going to Tesco’s – SOO expensive. [It] was £1.65 for a b****y Pot Noodle last time I looked.’ 

Another Pot Noodle fan jibbed: ‘These days £20 seems like the standard price for a pot noodle…’

It was only in June of this year that another foodie was left stunned by the price of a small portion of the snack, adding: ‘Just paid £1.35 for a SMALL pot noodle in Asda. What’s the world come to.’ 

But the producers of the tasty on-the-go snack, Unilever, have not gone unscathed as they faced criticism over the cost of their products.

Allegations have made that the manufacturer was unfairly upping prices for items such as Ben & Jerry’s, Marmite as well as Dove soaps, The Sun reports.

Unilever, manufacturer of Pot Noodle (pictured) boasted a £4.5 billion increase in operating profits despite sales dropping by 0.2 per cent. They say their margins the same as prior to the COVID pandemic despite accusations that they were unfairly hiking up prices on various products

Although customers were tightening their purse strings during an ever-looming cost of living crisis, in July the company revealed a whopping £4.5 billion uptick in operating profits.

This was bolstered by a 9.4 per cent average increase in the prices of their products, even though overall sales dropped by 0.2 per cent.

Despite increased profits, in July, Unilever were adamant that their margins were the same as pre-pandemic levels.

They maintained the cost of a pot noodle was ‘at the sole discretion of retailers,’ and that they weren’t raking in the dough at the detriment of consumers.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: ‘While prices can go up and down for a range of reasons, we’re committed to offering our customers great choice and value when they shop with us. 

‘We offer a range of instant noodle products starting from as little as 25p.’

Unilever have been approached by MailOnline for comment.

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