New speed camera changes set ‘in months’ could catch millions of Brits out

New speed camera changes could be introduced from next year.

Brit drivers might see the new rules come into power which could promote safety on the roads. The anti-braking cameras were trialled in 2020.

Now Gary Digva, founder of dash cam experts at Road Angel, revealed the new tech could be installed in the UK in just 12 months. It will catch loads of drivers out.

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The cameras were first trialled in the Navarra region of North-East Spain three years ago. Gary now believes it won't be long until they're in the UK.

The tools work by installing a mobile radar device away from the first fixed-speed camera. It will detect motorists who speed up moments after passing the first camera.

Anti-braking systems also have a mobile device located before the speed camera to catch those who slam on their brakes to avoid being flashed.

Gary told "From the information I have, this technology will probably be making its way over to the UK towards this part of next year.

"They are trying to stop that pre-braking. If you look at a motorway and see a camera on a gantry, drivers slam their brakes on whether they are travelling at 80-90 mph. Whatever the speed is they slam the brakes on.

"That's what the anti-braking cameras are supposed to come in to do, to say actually you were speeding. The fact you've seen the camera and slowed down is irrelevant as you were speeding pre-camera."

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The new tools isn't the only change expected after Gary discussed a new mobile approach to tackle speeding. He suggested there was less of a focus on fixed-speed cameras with police officers.

It comes after a Freedom of Information Act request revealed 46% of fixed cameras were not even active. The mobile technology could shoot lasers at your car to catch you speeding.

Gary concluded: "We are going to see more mobile speed camera vans and mobile speed units and less actual active fixed cameras in the UK."

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