‘I’ve spent £20k on my boobs and won’t stop until they’re biggest in country’

People spend eye-watering amounts of money on surgery to transform their bodies – but one woman is taking her mission to the extreme.

Gitte Von G regularly hits the headlines due to her toned figure, which she often flaunts while wearing next to nothing.

She's already splashed £20,000 on her breasts – but she's about to cough up more cash to make her assets the biggest in the country.

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The 43-year-old, who is a "big fan" of plastic surgery, has gone under the knife for multiple procedures – including fillers, facelifts and "Barbie" vagina beautification, which removes the inner lips.

So far she's splurged up to £70,000 in a bid to enhance her look – and £20,000 has been invested in her breasts alone.

She started her journey when she was just 18-years-old, but she's recently gone under the knife again to replace her 925cc implants with 1650cc implants.

Gitte can't wait to have the surgery performed as she wants her breasts to be the "biggest in the country".

The content creator revealed: "I still think my breasts look small, so I’m hoping this will be the last time I’ll have them done.

"I do love my boobs, but I like them even more from a certain angle where they look much bigger.

"I think that big breasts are sexy and very feminine – I absolutely love the look.

"I must admit, I’m a big fan of plastic surgery as if there is anything I’m unhappy about, I’ll change it on my body.

"I have had my eyelids [lifted] four times, a lower facelift, filler in my lips, stomach tighten, liposuction twice, bum implants twice and my favourite, Barbie p***y."

Gitte, from Denmark, first had her breasts enlarged as she was born with "no cleavage" and wanted to be like the other girls.

But she kept wanting them to be bigger and bigger – and it's still the case now.

"Very few clinics do this operation due to the size, but the main reason I’m doing this is for me," she added.

"I still have to keep bandaged up for three weeks, but I’m hoping that the end result will be amazing."

Back in 2020 Gitte was also seen parading around a supermarket in nothing but a thong in a super daring stunt.

The model turned heads after pulling off the saucy spectacle where she wore a tiny thong and green winter coat – unzipped.

She described the experience as "thrilling", and loved the feeling of being "almost naked" with others around.

At the time, Gitte recalled men with girlfriends following her around the store while workers stopped and looked at her.

During her stunt, she was approached by a store member who kindly assisted her with her purchase – despite the skimpy outfit.

The plastic surgery addict added: "I generally dress quite sexy and I always walk around the house in very little clothes – sometimes, none at all.

"The other shoppers looked at me and some even followed around with their girlfriends.

"It’s really funny and I enjoy looking back at them to see how they reacted."

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