I'm rich but people don't believe me because I dress like a hot mess

I’m a millionaire but people don’t believe me because I dress like a hot mess

  • Becca Dunkin, 29, from the US, poked fun at ‘rich’ stereotypes on Instagram
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A woman who claims to be a millionaire has said people don’t believe she’s wealthy because of the way she dresses.

US-based mother Becca Dunkin, 29, uses her Instagram account to advise others on the best ways to make money.

She claims she quit her 9-5 office job around a year ago because she was sick of ‘the grind’ and went freelance – and says she has made $1.5 million since doing so.

However despite being a millionaire, Becca jokes that people don’t often consider her rich – because she doesn’t dress in a way that fits the stereotype of a ‘rich person’.

In videos on her Instagram account, she jokes about the style that people associate with millionaires and compares it to the way she actually dresses – often, in T-shirts, jeans or joggers.

Becca Dunkin, 29, from the US, posted an Instagram reel mocking the stereotypical depiction of a millionaire

In a recent Instagram video she mocked the stereotypical ‘millionaire’ style, donning a baby blue dress with frill detailing and a wide-brimmed hat. 

She also opted to wear chiffon-style gloves and an ostentatious three-tiered pearl necklace, plus a pair of heeled sandals.

Becca captioned the frame: ‘How people think I should look when I say I’m a millionaire.’

Becca, who claims to have made $1.5 million since quitting her job and becoming a freelance digital marketing executive, dressed in a regal blue dress

In the next frame, Becca reveals how she actually looks on a day-to-day basis – sitting on the couch with her blonde locks pulled back into a ponytail.

She is wearing a loose T-shirt and is eating potato chips from a large bag.

The caption reads: ‘What I actually look like. I’m just trying to enjoy life and help people quit their jobs.’

Becca claims to have made her fortunes by working from home in digital marketing. In a recent video she claimed she made approximately $200,000 every single month from working for between one and two hours a day.

In other videos, Becca has tackled the issue that people don’t believe she’s a millionaire because of the way she dresses.

One clip shows her putting on a Rolex watch and showing off her huge Mercedes car to ‘prove’ she really is a millionaire, as she pokes fun at people who think millionaires should look a certain way.

She wrote in one video: ‘The fact that I look like a hot mess most of the time should prove to you one thing…that ANYONE can do this.’

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