‘I’m fat-shamed every 15 minutes – people hate that I get naked for a living’

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    Lump of lard. Ale gut. Half clothed monster. Horrible vile beast. Overweight trollop. Fat c**t.

    These sickening insults are just some examples of the abuse Babestation model Alex Le Tissier received on social media in just a five day period.

    After seeing the comments on X, formerly Twitter, we contacted Alex, famously the daughter-in-law of Matt Le Tissier, to ask about her experiences with trolling.

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    She replied within 60 seconds and two minutes later she was speaking to Daily Star on the phone where she said: “Honestly, it is probably every 15 and 20 minutes that I get called fat. I really wouldn’t say I was fat but it has made me think like… am I fat because I get so much all the time?”

    One Twitter troll told Alex she would “squash him to death” while another bloke advised her to go for a jog to burn off calories.

    But ironically, Alex, who is a mum-of-four, has run marathons in recent years and in her personal life struggled with eating disorders. And she said these two reasons alone make such vitriol particularly hurtful.

    “I think it’s really hard because I think I am a really honest and open person and when I started in the industry I would say I was a lot slimmer,” she continued.

    “I have put weight on but I feel like it's hard because I have told everyone in the past I’ve struggled with eating disorders and things like that and they just don’t care and it pushes them even more and they almost want me to lose weight and get really sick again so it just messed up how trolls are.

    “Sometimes it does really bring me down because I will have people messaging me and say because I am fat I will never be at the top of OnlyFans but I am already doing really well and I would say that since putting weight on I have actually earned more money so I don’t really think men care that much.

    “I think it’s because most of the girls in my industry are so skinny and they have fake boobs and everything which is fine but I am just totally natural and they are not used to it.”

    Alex turned to racy modelling during the Covid-19 pandemic when she and her husband, Mitch, experienced financial struggles.

    They were considering using food banks before Alex decided to give Babestation and OnlyFans a shot – something which resulted in a falling out with her infamous father-in-law.

    But despite the family drama, becoming a sexy creator completely transformed the lives of her and those she loves the most.

    However, she said it hasn’t just been people behind a keyboard who have body shamed her since her dramatic career switch.

    Alex explained: “I think if you are not skinny in this industry it is really brutal. Even when I have been on professional porn shoots before the director said ‘oh I didn’t realise how plus-sized you are, you are not going to be able to fit in the clothes we have’.

    “But I am not plus-sized and I am not a size 16 or anything like that. It is just so similar to the glamour modelling industry and I think people are so used to really skinny girls so if you are like a normal size you get really fat-shamed and treated differently for sure.

    “I was told from the beginning that I will never do well and I will never do this and I know I am earning more money than a lot of skinny models so I am doing really well and I think that annoys them even more and it spurs them on even more.

    “I think when you are curvier you do have to work 10 times harder than like a skinny model. I have always said that.”

    She used to argue back with trolls on X to say she was not overweight but now replies sarcastically with things like 'sorry I was too busy eating my McDonald's' – but she described it as sad that she now resorts to doing the fat girl jokes herself.

    Alex also said it was upsetting that women have joined in with the shaming. One such female even labelled her obese online before replying to someone else where she said that Alex “wasn’t actually fat” but they told her it anyway.

    The kinky creator added she was mostly abused on Twitter and it usually happens relentlessly after one of her posts goes viral.

    And asked whether she had anything to add at the end of the call, she simply said: “I will be honest, it does really bring me down but I would say I am very strong and most days I get over it.”

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