‘I want world’s biggest boobs – my 3250cc breast implants are still growing’

Meet the woman with expanding breast implants which just keep getting bigger.

Zeni Zounds, 38, didn't always plan on having big boobs but felt jealous of other women who opted for larger assets.

Now her breasts keep getting bigger as they weigh the equivalent of a newborn baby (7.17lbs) each.

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The content creator, from Illinois, US, admitted she'd love to have the biggest boobs in the world.

She said: "I knew that I wanted to go bigger than what I was planning.

"I've always envied women with extreme breast implants. I knew that the size I first wanted would require two procedures.

"I ended up contacting my surgeon to tell him that I wanted to go as big as possible."

Zeni, who lives in Chicago, added: "I got 800cc (1.7lbs) implants in February 2012 and then went back three months later up to 1800cc.

"If that surgeon had offered the expander implants, I would have gotten them instead, but he didn't."

When she got her implants, Zeni felt "disappointed" by the size.

She continued: "I made another appointment for as early as the doctor would allow. I've had three breast surgeries now.

"I got 800cc (1.7lbs) implants in Feb 2021, 1800cc (3.9lbs) in May 2021, and 2300cc (5.7lbs) expanders in October 2022.

"I've also had three breastfills since October 2022.

"A 400cc (0.89lbs) fill in December 2022, a 300cc (0.66lbs) fill in May 2023, and my most recent 250cc (0.56lbs) fill in August 2023.

"I'm now 3250cc (7.17lbs)."

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Zeni loves showing off her assets online, but tends to keep herself to herself when she's in public.

She explained: "I don't really look at people around me or pay attention to whether or not they're looking.

"However, the people that I'm out and about with have told me that I get lots of stares."

And despite having bigger boobs than what most people could ever dream of, Zeni has no plans of stopping.

She revealed: "My surgeon has not given me an upper limit.

She is hoping her assets will ultimately help her forge a career in the entertainment industry.

"I want to have some of the biggest boobs in the world. They're what I'm known for," she admitted.

"I jokingly describe myself as a professional big boob haver, but I'm also totally serious about it."

She added: "Essentially my dream in life has always been to be able to make a living off of entertaining people and being myself."

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