Kevin Costner’s Two-Part Western Epic ‘Horizon’ Lands 2024 Release Dates

Kevin Costner‘s two-part Western epic “Horizon: An American Saga” is coming to theaters next summer.

“Chapter 1” will be released on June 28, 2024 and “Chapter 2” will land on Aug. 16, 2024, according to Warner Bros. and New Line.

Costner has teased big plans for “Horizon,” which he originally planned as “four different movies” to be released every three months. “They’re all different films that all connect, so you’re watching a saga of these storylines that are happening,” he told Variety last year. It is not clear if Costner still plans to stretch “Horizon” into a four-part saga.

In addition to directing, Costner is starring in “Horizon: An American Saga” alongside Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington and Luke Wilson. The story spans 15 years in the settlement of America’s Western frontier and focuses on settlers and Indigenous groups that first occupied the land.

“It’s a beautiful story; it’s a hard story,” Costner previously said. “It involves women trying to get by in a world that was impossibly tough. They were often [dragged] out to these places because that’s where the men wanted to go; women were following their men. They didn’t ask to be in these territories that were unsettled and dangerous, and life wasn’t easy. I’ve chosen to make sure that was really obvious, that that wasn’t easy, and how vulnerable people were.”

Costner is the star of Paramount Network’s hit series “Yellowstone,” which made him one of the highest-paid actors in episodic TV. But his future with the series remains uncertain amid a messy fallout with “Yellowstone” producers, who allege that Costner has been available for fewer and fewer days as he focuses his attention on shooting “Horizon.” Costner, however, says the opposite is true and asserts he’s delayed his filming schedule to accommodate season 5 of “Yellowstone.”

“Horizon: An American Saga” is Costner’s fourth directorial effort following 2003’s “Open Range,” 1997’s “The Post Man” and 1990’s Oscar best picture-winning “Dances With Wolves.”

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