‘I had to give birth in my car – it looked like a murder scene when cops came’

A woman gave birth in her car – and gave police a scare after leaving the vehicle “looking like a murder scene’’.

Emily Kathleen, 29, was on her way to hospital with partner Jake, 32, when she felt “intense” contractions.

They pulled over and Jake – guided by midwives on the phone – delivered their daughter in the early hours. But when the couple drove to a nearby pub carpark to meet an ambulance, Emily suddenly haemorrhaged.

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They abandoned their Land Rover and were ­taken to hospital, where Emily was given a transfusion. While she was being treated cops found the blood-soaked motor and became worried a ­“serious crime” had taken place.

Emily said: “We didn’t even think about the car – we had to leave in a hurry. It must have looked like a ­murder had taken place when the ­police found it.

“The police came to hospital to check out our story and make sure it was actually because I’d just had a baby and nothing awful. It was scary at the time but funny looking back.”

Baby Piper, who weighed in at 7lb 14oz, has now been lovingly nicknamed ‘Landie’ ­after the car she was born in.

Modelling agency boss Emily, from Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, added: “The ambulance crew and doctors were all amazing. We’re grateful to the police for being so thorough too, ­despite it not being the horrific crime they might have assumed.”

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