People are only just realising their nose moves ‘up and down’ when talking

Although most of us look in a mirror on a daily basis, there are certain parts of our body that we can't often see – unless you take a video or get in an awkward Twister style pose.

So, that's probably why it took this woman the whole 21 years of her life to notice something about her nose. Sophie Paterson never before realised that something happens to her snout when she talks.

And now she's gone viral on TikTok for pointing it out. The blonde beauty decided to film herself while she chatted. When the 21-year-old turned to the side, she couldn't believe that her facial feature moved 'up and down' as she talked.

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In the TikTok clip which racked up thousands of views in a matter of hours, a very glam Sophie demonstrated what her nose does and said: "I am 21 years of age pls [sic] tell me how I've just realised my nose moves up and down when I talk." The tip of her nose shifted up and down as she spoke before she burst out in laughter.

Gobsmacked at the nose movement, many people fled to the comments to share their collective shock. While some filmed themselves talking to see if it was true for them, others noticed their nose did not move at all.

"I just recorded to see if mine did not thinking it would and it did bye I’m done," one user admitted. Another user added: "Why have I never noticed this."

While a third voiced: "Wait I’m sorry what I’m already insecure about my nose." Someone else gasped: "Wait guys I feel left out, my nose doesn’t move."

Meanwhile, a fifth wrote: "My best friend pointed this out to me the other day and now I will never forget it when I talk."

Elsewhere, a plus size influencer urged that 'there's nothing wrong with being fat' after she hit out at people branding her belly as a FUPA (fatty upper pubic area). The 300lbs beauty said: "This is your friendly fat reminder to tell you that this right here is a FUPA, this is a belly.

"And I'm a big b**ch who weighs over 300lbs and I happen to have a big belly and there's nothing wrong with that and there's nothing wrong with being fat."

Let us know in the comments if you've ever noticed your nose move when you talk – or are you equally blown away?

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