Dad with 96% of body inked shows entire back tattooed in gruesome clip

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    A dad with a love for tattoos shared a clip of his recent inking.

    Canadian man Remy has spent thousands on his extreme body modification journey. He loves sitting in the needle so much that he's inked parts of his body 20 times.

    Over 96% of his skin is covered in art and he's currently on a quest to complete a "never seen before" tattoo. Now the dad revealed the process of one of his inkings.

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    In the video shared a couple of days ago, Remy wrote: "One shot back blackout by @terrystattoos_." It shows a speedy clip of his back being worked on.

    He covered his entire back which already had portraits and other tattoos with blackwork. The dad sat patiently on the chair as he took a number of breaks during the procedure.

    Fans were left amazed by the clip as many couldn't believe how much he bled during the process. Others questioned why he covered the tattoos in the first place.

    One wrote: "I know you have a very high pain tolerance because of the prior tattoos and locations but I know that lower back is spicy, love the progression Remy keep killing it bro."

    While another commented: "Every post is fun for me. What I get out your content is you get tattoos where the rest of can't or don't want to do. While all your tattoos are beautiful, the fresh creation is exciting."


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    Remy recently said his skin is "limitless" as he shared snaps of a recent extreme tattoo job. He showed snaps of his face and neck.

    Another photo is a close-up of his ears and chin area. Remy has inked his chest for a few years and lately he's been working on a red design over the blackwork.

    The dad wrote in a post earlier this week: "Some bloody, fresh shots of a recent red on black session. We also highlighted my face roses while we were at it.

    "Even though most of these areas have been tattooed between 10-20+ times they're taking ink and healing admirably."

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