Couple divide opinion with 'do NOT play' list for wedding DJ

Couple divide opinion with ‘do NOT play’ list handed to their wedding DJ

  • A wedding DJ revealed a list of songs banned by a couple on their wedding day
  • The US-based DJ shared the forbidden songs to TikTok, sparking mixed opinions 

A wedding DJ has shared a list of ‘do not play’ songs a soon-to-be bride and groom requested for their wedding. 

With millions of songs to choose from, it’s only natural that the couple would want to get it right on their big day, but their forbidden songs have sent TikTokers into a fury – with some asking if they ‘hate fun’.

US-based DJ, Matt ‘Rybar’ Hribar, known online as @hribstar, shared the list to his 29,200 followers as part of a series which exposes wedding setlists.

The detailed list featured songs and specific times for their special dances and, most importantly, their banned songs. 

Sharing their list, Matt revealed their ‘do not plays’, which were accompanied by the phrase: ‘Please for the love of God, do not play the following songs.’

A wedding DJ, known on TikTok as @hribstar, has shared a list of a couple’s ‘do not play’ songs at their wedding – but their choices have sparked outrage on the app

  • Single Ladies – Beyoncé
  • Uptown Funk – Bruno Mars
  • Happy – Pharrell 
  • One Direction/ Justin Bieber/ Bruno Mars
  • Beyoncé

Not only did the couple ban Single Ladies by Beyoncé, but the whole of Beyoncé’s discography. 

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In one bullet point, the couple specified that they did not want any songs played by One Direction, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars.  

On the list, the couple included that they graduated in 2012, which Matt said was helpful to give a better idea of the music they like. 

He explained: ‘It’s kind of fun when couples give me that idea like ‘hey we went to college in this time period’ because then you can kind of pull out what was being played at that moment.’

Meanwhile for their first dance, the bride and groom chose a ‘pretty common’ song according to Matt which was ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love’ by Elvis Presley. 

For the cutting of the cake they chose the folk song ‘How Sweet it is’ by James Taylor and for the Father and Bride Dance they opted for the classic rock song ‘When You Need Me’ by Bruce Springsteen.

In a part 2 video, the DJ exposed the couple’s must plays, which contained 35 songs spanning various genres. 

The list featured a diverse catalogue from ‘Hung Up’ by Madonna to ‘Night Fever’ by the Bee Gees. 

The couple specified that they graduated in 2012, telling the DJ to play ‘High School Danceathon’ music from that era

In their notes, they wrote: ‘Pretty much anything Eminem, Lil Jon, Young Jeezy, Jason Derulo, etc.

‘Think 2008-2012 High School Danceathon Era,’ they added, specifying that country-pop and 80s music are also favourites.

Since it was posted the video has raked in 1.6million views and nearly 70,000 likes, hundreds of TikTokers flooded the comments with very mixed opinions.

Many users were shocked that the couple had completely banned Beyonce from their wedding, one person wrote: ‘No Beyoncé and Bruno Mars? Do they hate fun?

Another user commented: ‘When clients say no Beyoncé it is an immediate red flag,’ and one claimed: ‘My whole wedding was Beyoncé.’

Directioners also flocked to the comment section, outraged that the band would not feature at their wedding. 

One person wrote: ‘One Direction needs to be played once every 3 songs at my wedding or I’m suing this is crazy.’ 

Others recounted their own DJ horror tales, with many claiming that their disc jockey had entirely ignored their song requests at the wedding. 

One person wrote:  ‘I said no Maroon 5. They played Maroon 5 for the cake cutting.’

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