What you see first in this optical illusion reveals whether you overthink everything & can’t do long-term commitments | The Sun

THERE are many types of optical illusions that can do anything from playing tricks on your eyes to revealing certain traits about your personality. 

And in one mind-bending image, a psychology whizz has revealed whether you’re someone who overthinks or a complete empath. 

Instructing viewers to look at the blue and beige picture, she asked: “What’s the first thing you see in this picture?” 

Through one perspective, it appears to be a flock of white doves in the sky and through another, the birds show the outline of a woman’s face. 

“If you first saw the birds, then you are someone who struggles with long-term commitments because you crave excitement and predictability bores you.

“You are also very prone to overthinking, causing unnecessary stress in your life.” 

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TikTok user @mia_yilin_ went on to share her assessment on what it means if you saw the woman’s face as she said: “You are a highly empathetic person.

“[You are] quick to pick up on the emotions of others. 

“This sensitivity allows you to connect deeply with people but it can also be overwhelming as you tend to absorb the negative energy of those around you.” 

People were quick to comment as one person wrote: “Commitment issues gangggg gangangggg”.

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Another said: “Super accurate, saw both at once and they both describe me”. 

A third posted: “I only see the birds, where is the face?” which many people agreed with. 

“The aface and the explanation was so on point!!!” a fourth said. 

While a fourth added: “Even going to the mall is stressful, i absorb the negative energy n it makes me sick n depressed.”

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