I'm fit at 55 with veiny biceps and a six pack – trolls tell me I 'look old,' well that's because I am | The Sun

AN athlete in her mid-50s has shown off what is possible for other women her age.

She has an amazing physique for a 55-year-old, with veiny biceps and an enviable six-pack.

But this seems to have attracted the attention of unkind trolls, who said she looked old.

Well, go figure she responded, because "I am."

TikTok user Thefitforkofficial (@thefitforkofficial) has shrugged their nasty jibes off.

She is an athlete and a foodie. "Fuelling life with healthy recipes," is how she describes her platform.

Her body critics mean nothing because her focus remains on staying fit and strong.

Commenters to her post were certainly bowled over by her body shape.

“Absolutely awesome," was one view that was echoed by many more.

In her post, she was pumping iron at the gym, a vision of rippling definition.

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“Bicep muscles and veins, oh my! Fit at 55 plus," she said.

Superfit and super strong, she had a response for the keyboard warriors.

“So don’t tell me I look old. I am old. The new ‘old.’"

She urged others in her age group to get in the gym.

“If you are over 50 and aren’t strength training you are missing out on the fountain of youth," she insisted.

“Resistance-based exercise will keep you looking younger for longer.”

Commenters were certainly impressed.

“You look great," said one person.

There was respect from this fan: “Hard work pays off. Great physique.”



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It was a similar reaction from this guy: “All those muscles. Loving it.”

But this person could only dream: “I wish at 25 I was half as fit.”

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