I’m a big belly goddess and I love showing off my fupa…if you don't like it, that's your problem, love all of me or none | The Sun

A WOMAN has described herself as a ‘big belly goddess’ and has revealed that she loves showing off her fupa online.

29-year-old Dulce, from Mexico, explained that if you don’t like it, that’s your problem. 

Instead, she claimed that you should love all of her, or none of her.

Dulce isn’t afraid to show off her body and doesn’t care what the haters might think, as she loves her curvy figure.

The plus-size beauty, who describes herself as “thick as hell”, shared a clip on social media showing off her belly.

Wearing a bikini, with a pair of grey trousers, she attached an audio that said: “I’m not hiding my fupa anymore.

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A fupa, is an acronym for ‘fatty upper pubic area’, and while some women may find having a fupa irritating, this woman has revealed that she is proud to show off hers.

Dulce flicked her hair and then jiggled her belly, as she wrote: “Love all of me or none of me okay, thanks.” 

The brunette beauty, who describes herself as a “big, beautiful babe” explained that she is a “fupa lover”, “fat babe.” 

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The TikTok clip, which was posted under the username @dulcenalgass, has clearly left many open-mouthed, as it has amassed 52,800 views.

Social media users, predominantly men, rushed to the comments to compliment Dulce.

Whilst many called her “beautiful”, others were supportive in encouraging her to show off her belly. 

One person said: “Beautiful.” 

Another added: “Very beautiful, solid perfection.”

A third commented: “Gorgeous.” 

Whilst someone else wrote: “#FreetheFupa.” 

Not only has Dulce shown off her fupa online, but previously, she described herself as “fat and hot.”

In a clip shared online, Dulce explained: “Daily reminder I'm fat AND hot.

“This is a public service announcement, I may be fat, but I’m hot as hell, so shut up.”

Not only this, but Dulce explained that she is: “Fat, pretty and thriving.

“I looked GOOD.”

She also insisted: “Reminder, fat people are hot and sexy and beautiful and we don’t need your approval for anything.

“Fat people aren’t here for your approval.” 

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