Telegraph: Duchess Meghan didn’t leak the royal-racists’ names to Omid Scobie

Everything about Omid Scobie, Endgame and the “royal racists” being “named” in the Netherlands has broken brains in the UK. I can’t even keep up with the mental gymnastics and pretzel logic the British media is using to A) blame Omid Scobie for a Dutch mistranslation he swears is not his fault, B) blame the Duchess of Sussex for talking about the racism of the Windsors two years ago, C) blame everyone and anyone else for the fact that the Windsors have a long history of colonialism, racism, bigotry and sadism. The Windsors are currently huffing and puffing about “legal action,” and no one is really asking… who would they sue and why? Sue Omid Scobie? Piers Morgan? Meghan? Meanwhile, the Telegraph has “sources close to Meghan” who swear that Meghan never leaked any letter or anything.

The Royal family was considering legal action on Thursday night after media outlets around the world began naming the two so-called “royal racists”. The identities of two senior royals said to have commented on the colour of Prince Archie’s skin were first published in the Dutch translation of Endgame, the new book by Omid Scobie.

Piers Morgan then named both on his TalkTV show on Wednesday evening before a series of other news organisations followed suit, including The Guardian, ITV and Sky News, The New York Post, The New York Times and The Herald Sun in Australia.

Sources close to the Royal family said there was no basis to the claims.

Sources close to the Duchess of Sussex, who named the pair in a letter she wrote to the King, have insisted she never intended them to be publicly identified and that the letter was not leaked to Scobie by anyone in her camp.

The row threatens to overshadow the King’s appearance at the Cop28 climate summit in Dubai, where he is due to deliver the opening address on Friday.

But behind the scenes, courtiers were locked in meetings with lawyers over how to respond to the furore. A royal source said: “We are considering all options.” Any potential legal action could lead to a high-profile, international court battle, pitting media giants against the monarchy and the royal institution against the Sussexes.

Legal experts said the royals could sue Scobie for breach of privacy or the media outlets for defamation. They could also seek an injunction to prevent the names being circulated any more widely.

The institution has traditionally shied away from pursuing legal action because of the can of worms that could be opened. However, it is not unprecedented. In 2012, the then Duke and Duchess of Cambridge successfully sued Closer, a French magazine, after it published topless photos of the Duchess on holiday.

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Take a journey with me through the royalist’s mind – they believe that Meghan, a woman with agency, a woman with a whole-ass Netflix contract and ability to write and tell her own story whenever and however she wants – leaked the existence of the “letters” to the Telegraph in April, then leaked the letters to Omid Scobie, who then only included the names in the Dutch edition of his book? Please be real. Please think about this logically – if Meghan and Harry wanted the names out there, they would have said the names in the Oprah interview, or the Netflix docuseries, or Spare, or one of their many interviews. Now, I don’t doubt that Scobie knows the identities of the royals who said and did racist sh-t to Meghan – as Scobie has said in interviews, British journalists have known all along. Guess who told them? The royal courts, who can’t help but tell on themselves at every turn.

Here’s yet more confirmation that the identities of the racist royals have been an open secret for years:

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