Susan Sarandon Apologizes for Antisemitic Remarks at NYC Rally

Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is now walking back antisemitic remarks she delivered at a pro-Palestinian rally in NYC last month … offering her apologies to anyone she offended.

The actress posted a lengthy statement on Instagram Friday night, explaining that she made a “terrible mistake” when she said Jews are “getting a taste of what it is like to be Muslim in this country, so often subjected to violence.”

Susan Sarandon

Susan uttered the words in front of a large crowd at the November 17 rally in Manhattan’s Union Square.

Susan Sarandon

The demonstrators were protesting against the Israel-Hamas war, which broke out after the terrorist group invaded the Jewish state on October 7. Hamas militants, who rule over the Palestinians in the West Bank’s Gaza Strip, slaughtered some 1,400 Jews, including babies.

In her IG post, Susan said she was invited to the event, but was not supposed to speak, yet ended up on stage with a mic in her hand, trying to communicate concerns about a rise in hate crimes throughout the country.

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She pointed out the controversial phrasing she used falsely implied that Jews have not faced persecution. She then highlighted centuries of Jewish oppression and genocide in Europe, as well as the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh, PA.

Susan Sarandon

Susan went on to say she “deeply regrets diminishing the reality” and for voicing her hurtful remarks.

The Oscar-winner was dropped by her Hollywood talent agency following the incident.

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