‘I’m 35 weeks pregnant and broke my legs and feet in the car crash that killed my mum’

TOWIE alumni Clelia Theodorou revealed she broke both her legs and feet while pregnant in the car crash that tragically killed her mum.

The 28 year old former reality star, who is due to give birth to her first child in a matter of weeks, last month told how she was left in “paralysing” pain following the death of her beloved mother. Her unborn child, who she is expecting with boyfriend Tommy Cole, was thankfully unharmed in the smash – but Clelia was left with “terrible injuries”.

The TV personality has now given an update on her condition to fans on social media. She revealed she had undergone three surgeries and still had “another to get through”.

She wrote: “My reality – 35 weeks pregnant, two broken legs and two broken feet. Broke more bones than I even knew you had in your feet and I’ll forever be setting off metal detectors at airports. Three surgeries later, the healing process is going well. It’s a long, slow process but I’m getting there.

“I still have another surgery to get through and there have been hard some pushbacks, unforeseen delays and a lot of pain along the way but the main thing is our little baby is battling through it with me, keeping me going each day, making me more determined and giving me so much strength, more than I ever I thought I would have in a situation as difficult as this.”

Alongside the message, Clelia shared some photos of her hospital stay – including one of her in a wheelchair with two black cast boots, cradling her baby bump. In another shot, she is pictured in a hospital bed hooked up to an oxygen tube.

Clelia went on to say she did not yet know if she would be able to stand on her feet when the baby arrived – although that would be a “dream”. She added: “Having never broke a bone in my body or experienced anything even close to the pain and discomfort I’ve been through, I’m truly proud of myself and my body for how far I’ve come since that day, the worst day of my life.”

She went on to thank boyfriend Tommy for being the ‘most supportive, loving and understanding partner’. She added: “He’s also had to turn into being my full time carer and I couldn’t get through a single day without him.”

In the comments section, Tommy replied: “Every day that passes is better than the day before and you’ll be back on your feet before you know it! Very brave to post this, you’re stronger than you know and I’m so proud of how far you’ve come.”

Last month, Clelia revealed her heartache at losing her mum in the crash. She wrote: “At the end of May myself and my Mum were unfortunately involved in an accident, we both suffered terrible injuries.

“I am continuing to heal from mine after weeks in hospital but it's with the biggest regret to say that my beautiful Mum couldn't heal from hers. The person I never, ever wanted to say goodbye to. Who loved me unconditionally, the pure definition of a mother's love.”

She added: “My heart will never heal from this, life will never ever be the same. It just doesn't feel real and it never will, I just want my mum back.”

Earlier this month, Clelia thanked her unborn baby for getting her through the 'darkness' of her mum's death.

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