Gordon, Gino and Fred back on TV for last-ever travel series after contract chaos

ITV's mischievous travel series with Gordon Ramsay, Gino D'Acampo and Fred Sirieix will wrap up next month with a two-part Spanish special.

Marking their final trip together, after contractual issues and scheduling caused chaos this year, Gordon, Gino and Fred: Viva Espana! sees the famous foodies journeying from Malaga to Ronda and Jerez.

"Along the way, the lads become waiters at a bustling beachfront restaurant, before Gordon and Gino go head-to-head in a tapas cook-off, and Fred puts on a laugh-out-loud performance as he showcases his skills as a Flamenco dancer," teased a description.

"But it’s their natural chemistry, constant bickering and the small moments that’ll leave you in tears of laughter, especially Gino’s attempt at making paella, which sees the RV nearly go up in flames and leaves Gordon slightly burnt!"

The two-parter premieres Sunday 3 September and continues on Monday 4 September.

Despite going their separate ways, Gino clarified in a social media clip that his friendship with chef Gordon and First Dates favourite Fred remains unblemished.

"I’ve got a bit of news for you, and the reason I want to tell you is because I don’t want you to read any crap or any wrong information," his announcement began.

"Last week I decided not to film any more Gordon, Gino and Fred's Road Trip. The reason is simple, nothing to do with Gordon and Fred – the friendship is very strong. It’s just because we can’t get the dates together. And when we do get the dates together sometimes they get changed and it causes a lot of problems for me.

"I rather the friendship than get into arguments with contracts, so I’ve decided not to do Gordon, Gino and Fred anymore because I want to be friends with the boys for many many years. So that’s it really, thank you for watching the show."

The first incarnation of the show aired five years ago, followed by Gordon Gino & Fred: American Road Trip in 2020 and Gordon Gino & Fred Go Greek a year later.

Reacting to this disappointing update, Road Trip fans tweeted: "Ah no! Sorry to hear that! Thank you for all the brilliant TV & huge laughs! Our favourite show #legend", "Oh no, that is so sad , its one of mine and my daughters fav programme" and "What a choice ! I can only respect that, choosing friendship above money and fuss".

There could be a glimmer of hope, still, as an ITV insider did go on to follow Gino's announcement up with some positive info.

"Everybody connected with the show was shocked by Gino's post. As far as bosses were concerned, talks were ongoing and a settlement was in reach. Contract negotiations are always difficult because of the trio's schedules so the filming window where they can actually get the three of them together is pretty tight. But clearly Gino has lost patience and pulled out," they explained.

T"Bosses hope to convince Gino to stay on with Gordon and Fred, because they genuinely have fun together and make great telly."

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