Blueface Sentenced Up to 3 Years Probation For Vegas Strip Club Shooting


Blueface better stay outta trouble for the next few years, or he could find himself doing some serious jail time … getting up to 3 years probation for a Vegas shooting.

Blueface learned his fate Monday, getting sentenced to up to 3 years probation. There’s also an underlying sentence of 2-5 years behind bars, so if he screws up the probation, he’s certain to get locked up for several years.

The shooting happened back in October 2022, and Vegas cops busted BF a month later, he was later charged with attempted murder  … but eventually pled guilty in July to lesser charges of battery and discharging a firearm at or into an occupied structure.

Kentavious Traylor, the man who was apparently grazed by one of the bullets, expressed utmost frustration with the judicial process … saying he’s seen candy thieves get stiffer punishments and thinks Blueface benefitted from celebrity treatment.

Traylor claims the incident has ruined his life and prevented him from obtaining work … and is letting the world know he’ll never be a fan of Blue or Jaidyn Alexis anytime soon.

As for Blueface, he just had a baby with Chrisean Rock and recently launched his MILF Music label, which could be in jeopardy of becoming defunct if he spends significant time behind bars.

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