‘World’s biggest round of beer’ set record-breaking punters back a cool £2.5k

German tourists have smashed a booze-drinking record after pulling through an impressive 1,234 round of beers in a single sitting.

A group of 55 people set a new record after seeing off over a thousand pints, despite not knowing each other before hand. The gaggle of 42 men and 13 women broke the previous record of 1,111 beers achieved at a bar in Majorca, Spain – also by Germans in July this year.

Setting the new record at Bamboleo bar in Palma on October 27, the 55-strong group smashed through glass after glass, with some participants drinking far more than others thanks to their impressive tolerance levels.

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Averaging a solid 22.4 beers per person over the feat and drinking from 200ml glasses, the travel agent who organised the event says it was 'great fun'. At £2 a pop, what is not to love?

Totalling £2,474.33 for the tremendous pints haul, travel agent Kai Uwe Kahmann, 62, who organised the event, says they felt fine the next day. He said: "It was a really great group and a lot of fun.

"I didn't have a heavy head. However, other participants were already partying again in the morning. I don't normally drink such quantities. Everything was done in an orderly fashion, nobody lost their temper or got out of hand."

Even after their impressive record-breaking session, the drinkers were keen to celebrate their success. Naturally, more booze was in store for the group of 55, who moved onto the Mega Park venue to toast their achievement.

But is 1,234 beers in one session, shared between 55, as impressive as one man conquering 2,000 on his own? Jon May quit his job as a Hermes postie and began using TikTok to document his 200-day journey.

He has since completed his mission, his unquenchable thirst for Madri and Amstel now at an end. Pints master Jon, speaking to the Daily Star, now sets his sights on an even harder task, proving "he's not an alcoholic."

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