What Won’t be Allowed Inside the Escape Room

Before going inside the escape room, there are a lot of things that won’t be allowed. Escape Hour has made quite a few things clear so better abide by their rules unless you want to get kicked out in the middle of the game. They would need you to deposit all your personal belongings in a locker room which is not so bad since they will serve as distractions during the quest game anyway. No matter where you bought your jewelry in Calgary and Edmonton, better relieve them temporarily so that you could concentrate on the task at hand.

If you remember the movie “Hunger Games”, the people were preparing Katniss for such a hard mission that they would not want her to fail at any means necessary. She knows she would not mind getting in trouble as long as she would do it for her people. Another thing that would not be allowed inside the escape room would be pets as they could be another form of distraction. Besides, the entire thing would just last for a an hour which is just a short time for you not to see your pet. I’m sure your pet will be able to handle that so you will be able to do it as well.

Firearms won’t be allowed inside the escape room too since the entire thing is not really real. When you see a monster, it is most likely a person in a suit. There is no need to shoot that person or think that you are in some kind of danger. The entire thing was designed to entertain you and make you forget about all your problems. The next thing to do would be to leave that at home and not in the locker room or the staff of Escape Hour may freak out and call the police.

Instead of having a fun time, you will even have to spend a night behind bars. Another thing to not bring inside the escape room would be your mobile phone as you will need to leave that in the locker room Besides, they would not want you to call someone for help while playing the quest game. It would defeat the element of surprise if you have to phone a friend. Don’t think they can’t see you though because there are cameras all over the place and they can see what you are doing.