Smell of ‘rotting meat’ and ‘burnt fish’ hits UK towns as locals left baffled

Several towns in the UK are being plagued by mystery "rotting meat" smells which were doubled up by the strange smell of "burnt fish".

Residents of various villages and towns in the Black Country reported the curious smells which has locals debating where exactly the stench is coming from.

People in Sedgley, Coseley, Tipton, Woodcross, Gornal and Penn may have noted the horrid odours, which some are putting down to sewage, while others blame it on fertiliser.

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The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs has since suggested a number of potential stench causes, including slaughter houses, unexpected spills and leaky buildings.

Speculation was rife, with one resident writing: "It's probably sewage sludge (treated sewage) being spread close by on arable land. This will be happening a lot over the next month or so."

Another added: "It’s fertiliser – fish meal or bone (from someone who grew up rurally and is practically nose-blind to these sorts of smells now)."

Both comments appeared to be somewhere in the right area for what could be causing the smell after a government list was posted over potential causes of the smells, the Express & Star reported.

On that list were "slurry or sludge" spread onto land for agricultural work as well as "sewage handling facilities".

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Other emissions which could be part of the "rotting meat" smell included "unplanned spills" from vehicular accidents or "slaughter houses".

Animals and natural smells from livestock as well as solvents, leaks and painting materials from poorly sealed doors could also be cause for concern.

Councils only look at complaints on smells when they become a "statutory nuisance" to those in the area.

For the nuisance to be looked into, it must "unreasonably and substantially interfere with the use or enjoyment of a home or other premises, or injure health or be likely to injure health."

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