Poland could ‘outsmart Russia with unfamiliar weapons in future conflict’

Poland has been growing in military might, rearming and recruiting thousands more soldiers in a drive to become the most powerful land army in Europe.

Russian designs on Eastern Europe face a serious hurdle in the growing size of Poland’s armed forces.

Moscow has seen the decline of the country’s military standing during the war in Ukraine posing a question of whether Russia would be able to defeat Poland in a conventional war, according to the YouTube channel The Military Show.

The Kremlin will no doubt be aware that failure to contain Warsaw will likely see Poland unseat Russia as the strongest regional player in the coming decades.

Poland has a history of conflict with Russia stretching back centuries leading to Warsaw reacting quickly to the invasion of Ukraine by investing in the country’s military.

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Warsaw handed over large stockpiles of Soviet-era weaponry and tanks to Ukraine after the invasion.

This move not only helped replace Ukrainian battlefield losses but also provided Poland with an opportunity to spend a lot of money equipping its armed forces with NATO standard hardware.

This could prove Polish forces with an advantage in a hypothetical future conflict as Russia will be unfamiliar with the type and tactics of the equipment being deployed.

Poland has acquired the Patriot air defence missile system from the US, which would pose a second problem for Russian forces.

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Despite not having as capable an air force as Poland, Ukraine has managed to deny the Russian air force total supremacy of the skies.

What is more western sanctions mean Russia will likely struggle to obtain the high-tech components needed to replace and rebuild modern fighter planes in the event of substantial losses.

On land, Poland has plans to increase the number of active military personnel to 300,000 by 2030.

Despite this in any future Polish-Russian conflict, Polish forces would be heavily outnumbered.

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What is more, Russia would likely utilise forces deployed in the Kaliningrad enclave in the Baltic to strike towards Belarus a distance of only 40 miles.

This move would severe Poland’s access to NATO allies such as Latvia and Estonia.

Fighting across a shorter front than in Ukraine, Russia will be able to make the most of having a numerical advantage and pile forces into a push towards Warsaw.

That said Russian logistical problems were evident from the early days of the war in Ukraine and if left unsorted, Poland will likely have opportunities to disrupt advances by the Russian army.

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