New Covid Pirola strain ‘evades immune system’ in UK – symptoms to watch out for

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    The new rampant and multi-mutation Pirola strain of Coronavirus is now “evading immune systems” in the UK, an expert has claimed.

    The variant is fast becoming the dominant strain in the UK, with positive cases doubling almost every few days in recent weeks. It has been confirmed that it has more than 30 different mutations, making it difficult for experts to analyse it properly – but it is worrying enough that the World Health Organization has placed it on its watch list.

    And as the country heads into autumn, it is thought that there will be a huge surge of cases from the BA.2.86 strain as was seen when the coronavirus pandemic was at its most dangerous in 2020 and 2021.

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    Speaking to The Mirror, Dr Hana Patel, an NHS GP and Medico-Legal Expert Witness, said: “The research that's come out is saying that it's one to watch because people have been hospitalised from it and because it's got a new mutation which means that it's evading people's immune system, and making them unwell.. It tends to be people who have other health related issues, so you know, pre existing lung problems, or heart issues, or a suppressed immune system where they're more likely to become unwell if they were to get COVID.”

    Experts from the ZOE health study team have confirmed that the most common symptoms of the strain are similar to others, including sneezing, sore throat, headaches, a runny nose and mild or severe fatigue, but there have also been reports of eye irritations, rashes and diarrhoea. Cases of Covid jumped in August to an average of over 1,400 new cases per day, having previously been at 273 at the start of July.

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    Dr Patel added: “If you feel that you've got a cough or cold, be careful about spreading it. Sneeze into a tissue and throw it away, wash your hands often with soap and water. Just be careful when you're going into closed spaces where there are lots of other people around that might be coughing or be unwell because it can spread. We're not thinking it's going to be that bad, because that's not the advice that we've been given, but things can change.

    “I'd like to think that we wouldn't need that if we put in place sensible mitigations, rather than restrictions.”

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