Mystery China virus now ‘Covid-like’ as health experts panic worldwide

A mysterious illness spreading through China and threatening the UK is now a "Covid-like" scenario, according to health experts across the globe.

High alert levels are now being recorded in other countries such as neighbouring India, who are wary of another virus spreading through their population following the outbreak of the Coronavirus in 2019.

The alerts come as a way of stopping a "Covid-Like" virus from spreading out of China and impacting other countries. Previous reports indicate the pneumonia-adjacent illness could end up in the UK.

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A big surge in respiratory diseases has knocked China, with Beijing hospitals overrun after a massive increase in hospitalisations. Some Indian states are now preparing their own health services to brace for the virus.

Said states are bulking up their medical infrastructure because of the pneumonia outbreak, with supplies attained and experts briefed on what to do should there be an outbreak in India, TimesNow reported.

Their preparedness comes as some medical professionals worry the newly found virus could spread rapidly, hitting the likes of Britain and the rest of Europe sometime soon.

Professor Ian Jones, a virologist at the University of Reading, said: "As we have a small physical break with Europe we might get away with it this season.

"The important point is that this sort of ‘bounce back’ should be expected and the public health system should be aware of it."

Now dubbed "walking pneumonia", the virus has seemingly ripped through parts of China and has left the health service there on its knees as it deals with case after case of "white lung pneumonia".

Fever, cough, fatigue, green mucus and shortness of breath were all highlighted by doctors as possible symptoms of the grim and mysterious pneumonia strain surging through China.

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