Moment Russian gas station explodes in giant fireball another blow to Putin

Russia: Fuel tank ablaze at facility in Sochi

Near the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, a large fire broke out after a tank housing 1,200 tonnes of kerosene caught fire in the Adler district on Wednesday, (September 20) in the early morning.

The fire was initially suspected to have been started by a Ukrainian drone assault.

A loud explosion was heard by local residents at about 5am according to Russian media sources. Firefighting units flocked to the site, battling the fire over an area of around 100 square metres.

The flames were doused with foam, and there were no immediate reports of the fire spreading.

By 7.42pm, the fire was successfully extinguished, according to an update from regional authorities.

Sochi mayor, Alexei Kopaigorodskyi, stated on the Telegram messaging platform: “There were no casualties, the airport and the entire transport system are operating as normal.”


Russian Air defences claim to have thwarted Ukrainian drone incursion

Russia’s air defence systems have claimed to have successfully shot down multiple drones launched from Ukraine, targetting the Belgorod and Oryol regions. There have been no reported casualties or damage, according to the Russian Ministry of Defence.

The Russian defence ministry, sharing updates via the Telegram messaging platform, disclosed that two drones were intercepted over the Oryol region in Russia’s southwest, while one was taken down over the Belgorod region, which shares its border with Ukraine.

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