Moment Rottweilers charge into driveway before mauling cats to death

Moment two Rottweilers charge into a driveway before mauling family cats to death as horrified children scream for help

  • Chilling footage shows loose dogs running up drive before savaging family pets

This is the terrifying moment a pair of loose Rottweilers charged into a family home and killed two beloved cats – leaving the occupant and her children screaming for help.

The attack unfolded on a suburban street in Chelmsley Wood, north of Solihull in the West Midlands, at lunchtime on Wednesday August 30.

Chilling doorbell camera footage shows homeowner Paisley, 31, chatting merrily to her pet orange cat Dave as she unloads shopping from her car.

She jokes with the cat: ‘Hello my beautiful boy, what have you done to your back again? I can’t afford another vet trip Dave.’

Less than 30 seconds later, the two large black dogs can be seen bounding up to the door, as the family yell in panic.

Pet cat Oreo (above) suffered a broken back and grievous internal bleeding in the unprompted attack. He was taken to the vets for treatment but couldn’t be saved

Beloved family cat Dave was killed in the attack, found outside by Paisley’s son. Vets couldn’t tell if he had died from internal bleeding or simply from shock

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Mum-of-five Paisley, who did not give her surname, said the dogs charged into the house and ‘destroyed’ the kitchen as they mauled Dave and dragged black and white cat Oreo off of the kitchen counter, ‘pinning’ it to the fridge.

The dogs are also said to have damaged a radiator cover as they bounded into the house to carry out the brutal and relentless attack. 

Paisley told Birmingham Live: ‘They just started attacking the cats. 

‘I’ve come in and followed the dogs in and they’re attacking my cats in the kitchen, they literally got on my kitchen side to drag Oreo off the side.

‘Obviously I’m trying to get these dogs off (but) they had Oreo pinned at the fridge, they were too big.’

By the end of the traumatic attack, which has left her children suffering nightmares, Dave was dead, while Oreo died later after vets deemed his injuries impossible to survive; the black-and-white cat had a broken back and grievous internal bleeding.

Paisley added: ‘The vet said the dogs had damaged Dave’s eye and without an autopsy they don’t know whether he died from internal bleeding or in shock. We found him on a grass verge round the corner.

Police were called but the mum says the officers were ‘of no help’ – and West Midlands Police says it has ‘spoken to’ the owner of the dogs but is yet to take any further action.

Mum-of-five Paisley, 31, had just greeted orange cat Dave at the door seconds beforehand – minutes later he was dead, having been savaged by the out-of-control animals

The dogs came bounding up the driveway of the home in Chelmsley Wood, near Solihull, before running into the house

A radiator cover that Paisley claims was damaged by the Rottweilers as they bounded into her home to attack her pets

A force spokesperson said: ‘We were called to Raglan Way, Chelmsley Wood (on August 30) to reports of two dogs attacking another dog. The injured dog was taken to the vets to be treated. 

‘The owners of the two dogs were spoken to and were taken back home to be secured by the owners.

‘We have asked neighbourhood officers to speak to the dog’s owners regarding securing the animal, and will consider any further steps that need to be taken to ensure public safety.’

The attack is just one of several to occur in the West Midlands in recent weeks – including an XL Bully attack in Stonnall, 15 miles from Chelmsley Wood, which killed local businessman Ian Price on September 14.

Another XL Bully attack saw 11-year-old Ana Paun and two men mauled in the street in Birmingham on September 9, while 10-year-old Mohammed Sami Raza was taken to hospital after he was attacked by a dog as he played in the street in Walsall on September 13.

Rottweilers are legal to own in the UK, as the breed is not among those listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act, which outlawed the likes of the Japanese Tosa and American Pitbull Terrier in 1991.

The Kennel Club says the breed ‘became very popular, often with those seeking a macho image. The breed needs responsible and intelligent owners who can harness the Rottweiler’s intelligence and activity.’

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