I live in a dog crate…I decorate it with teddies & it feels like a cosy hideaway but creeps always think the same thing | The Sun

A WOMAN says she sleeps in a dog crate decorated with blankets and teddy bears as she finds it comfier than her queen-sized bed.

Lia Parker uses the kennel as her cosy "hideaway" to escape the stresses of everyday life and soothe herself when her PTSD flares up.

The 21-year-old explained that climbing into her unusual sleeping quarters, which are typically reserved for pets, calms her down.

She has added blankets, pillows, and rows of stuffed animals to her "safe place" to make the metal structure more snug.

Lia said she simply "scoots in" to the crate every evening to get some shut-eye, but also enjoys unwinding in it throughout the day.

The US-based TikToker has a huge bed sitting opposite the kennel that she could kip in, but prefers replicating how sleeping dogs lie.



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She has openly discussed her unorthodox living arrangements on social media and boasts a whopping 127,000 followers.

The content creator often shares clips of her strange set-up and answers questions from those curious about how it all began.

Lia revealed that she grew up in a "disruptive" household and used to seek comfort in small places, such as inside her wardrobe.

She decided to reinvent her "safe space" during her teen years and settled on a dog crate to continue her "self-soothing" method.

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It even boasted the exact same dimensions as her wardrobe, which sealed the deal for Lia.

The kennel lover explained: "It helps me regulate emotionally and symptomatically.

"For me, it feels like a hug and like a hideaway, somewhere separate from whatever is triggering me or making me upset".

She explained that she stuffs her crate with pillows, blankets and teddies as they somewhat simulate a "warm hug".

But she knew the majority of people would not be accepting of her peculiar sleeping arrangements.

Lia continued: "I'm sure if it was a cardboard box or blanket fort, then no one would care.

"People like to hate and judge what they don't understand and people on the internet are quick to make assumptions".

Some creepy trolls have even tried to sexualise her crate sanctuary, a subject that the PTSD sufferer says makes her uncomfortable.

Lia explained: "This is not because I can't understand why they think that or why someone else would want that, but because I go so out of my way to put disclaimers and reference my trauma.

"It feels like they're intentionally fetishising something that I've made clear is tied to trauma.

"Of course, it isn't my job to prove myself to these people.

"The people who get it, get it and people reach out to me all the time telling me that they've done something similar.

"That makes me really happy".

The American claims that she ran her wacky idea by several therapists and a psychiatrist "who all loved and supported" her plan.

She has slept in the dog cage since the age of 18 and has no intention of getting rid of it any time soon.

Lia hopes sharing her coping methods with the world will help erase the stigma surrounding mental health issues and lasting trauma.

She claimed that a host of adults who also enjoy relaxing in unlikely places regularly get in touch with her to share their experiences.

The TikToker added: "I've always been pretty open on social media.

"I've shared a lot about how I feel it's important to de-stigmatise PTSD and the long-lasting effects of trauma.

"I feel like a lot of people are ashamed of what brings them comfort, but I figured if the crate could help me, then it could also help others.

"I love my safe space, I love that it’s in its own room and so it feels totally disconnected from the rest of my life and anything I associate with triggers or stressors".

Lia regularly shares videos of her safe space on social media and has even given her followers a guided tour of the small cage.



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