Festival-goers shot at point-blank range by terrorists with automatic rifles

A horrific video shows a bloke being dragged away from a festival site by terrorists armed with automatic rifles as hundreds of people were killed in the dawn attack on Saturday (October 7).

Terrorists involved in the massacre the Tribe of Nova festival, Gaza, were captured in car dashcam footage as they were filmed dragging a bloke away from the scene. At least 260 people were killed and more are thought to have been kidnapped after hundreds of thugs stormed the site.

Some victims were shot dead at point blank range and others were shot in the legs off to prevent them from escaping. The latest nightmarish video shows a heavily armed bloke running around as he ordered his terrified target to get out of his hiding place.

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The gunman was filmed spraying bullets from his assault rifle into the ground as the cowering victims followed orders. Seconds later the extremist grabbed the bloodied young man by the scruff of the neck and drags him away in an apparent kidnap attempt.

As they disappear from view, a second festival-goer who had reportedly been playing dead behind another car briefly pops his head up to assess the danger. However, it seems he got spotted as a second militant dressed in a red T-shirt and track suit walked over and shot him in the head.

A group of the terrorists then raided the dead revellers pockets. The footage was recorded nearly three hours into the attack but it would be another six hours before Israeli forces arrived at the site.

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The news comes as more than 10 Brits are now feared to be “dead or missing” in Israel as a result of the terror attack onslaught from the Hamas militant group.

Of the 10, only three have been identified – Corporal Nathanel Young, 20, Dan Darlington who was visiting from Germany where he lives, and Jake Marlowe, from London, who was reportedly taken captive by Hamas while working as security at a music festival in southern Israel. The former has been confirmed dead by his family, who posted on Facebook that they were “heartbroken”.

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